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How to Win Prizes

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Contesting is different for everyone, and your contest hobby should be unique to you and your lifestyle. If you have an hour a day to enter contests you will see that winning isn't impossible. If you have more hours in your day to check for the latest contests open to you, you will be amazed at what you can be winning.

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6 Reasons Why You Haven't Gotten Anything FREE on Facebook

In 8 years of running a Facebook free-stuff page and owning numerous blogs about freebie hunting the same old question and cranky comments keep coming that go a little something like this, " I have LIKED & SHARED everything so where is my free-stuff!?".

Let me start by saying that question alone is a head shaker. If you truly believe that because you have liked or shared a Facebook post that you should receive a product in the mail free... then I don't think freebie hunting is for you.

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Reasons why you probably haven't gotten anything free.
1. You Facebook profile looks fake- Sponsors of giveaways look at that when choosing win…

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