Why I deleted Over 2500 Facebook Fans- On Purpose

I have deleted over 2500 fans from the blogs Facebook fan page and will be doing another 1000 in the next week or so. And guess what? I did it totally on purpose. I have no regrets and it was one of the best choices I have made for the blog.

Our posts are ONLY for CANADIANS. Having fans from other countries does our own fans no justice. Canadian followers miss out of important posts because it's being shown to people who it won't benefit at all. And we want our fans in Canada to score every freebie. free sample, prize and offer we post!

After taking hours and hours of marketing courses and learning right from Facebook how they gauge what posts are shown to Facebook members I realized I had been going about my fan page all wrong. Just like almost all other page owners, I was striving to get more likes, kind of what Facebook makes people think they need and want. And man oh man was I wrong! Likes mean absolutely nothing at the end of the day.


One of the big issues Facebook battles daily is click farms. That is where someone has been paid to like your page. When you see pages with extremely high like counts, 9 out of 10 times they have click farm likes. This means those likes have no interest in what your page is about or what you are posting. They are literal dead weight to a Facebook business page. Just like fans who only like a page to win a prize. These likes tell Facebook that your page is spammy and they slow down your reach. Less people see your posts and the people who really want to see them never see them at all. Bad right? Very bad indeed!
Why I deleted Over 2500 Facebook Fans- On Purpose

Our Facebook fan page was started in March 16 2011 and of course, there were/are fans that truly aren't fans. They are either from a click farm, in the wrong county to even enjoy our posts, or they liked to win something but could care less about the topic.  A true Facebook fan will engage your content by liking it, CLICKING ON the link in the post and by  by sharing it or leaving an intelligent comment in the comments. We have been well over 50,000 likes and have diminished that number down to under 17,000. Which means more Canadians and actual free stuff lovers, contest lovers, free sample addicts see more posts and score more free stuff. Which after all is the only goal here.

Since our fan page has been active for so many years we had/have many likes that have to go. Getting read of dead weight has skyrocketed my reach and it shows more posts to a much higher number of real fans. After deleted 2500 fans that weren't active fans liking our posts or engaging us in any way the benefits have been endless. In fact tonight with a glass of wine in hand I will be deleting close to another 1500-2000 fans.

What Facebook is looking for now in 2018 is the follows your page has. If your Facebook fan page has a drastically lower follow # than likes # your page is in some hot water and you need to focus on your follows. More than a 1500 person difference and you should start a plan to get your page engaging again or even starting a new one. Reviving a dead page can be extremely hard.

If you are a Facebook fan of ours make sure you are liking posts, sharing ones that interest you and leaving actual comments. Writing "like and share" doesn't make you a fan. 
To our Fans

Note to our true fans: We absolutely adore you! You make every post worth the time and effort. The emails we receive from our fans thanking us for the prizes they have won. the free stuff they have got in the mail that we post about...well they just melt our hearts. The fans are what make freebie hunting and couponing that much more enjoyable. Thanks for being a fan of ours and we look forward to many years of featuring the best freebies, free samples, hot contests, and every other money saving offer there is for Canadians.

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