15 Ideas For Saving Money on Christmas

Christmas and saving don't seem like words that go together but there are ways to cut costs and make it a little less heavy on the budget so that Christmas and saving money go hand in hand. 
Planning all year is the number 1 way of keeping the cost of Christmas at its lowest. 

But even a month before there are ways to saving money at Christmas. If you didn't have time to save all you could this year start planning next years Christmas now and see how easy it is to pay close to zero for an entire Christmas.

15 Ways to Save Money On Christmas 

  • Set spending limit per person you are buying for
  • Print your own Christmas cards and personalize them
  • Always save wrapping paper from the previous year
  • Make extra money online for only Christmas shopping
  • Have a Christmas tote that you fill all throughout the year with Christmas gifts 
  • Consider cancelling Christmas (The commercial part)
  • Enter every contest open to you all year and save prizes won for gifts
  • Make gift baskets with free products using free product coupons
  • Earn Amazon money online and dedicate it to Christmas gifts
  • Save coupons all year that have an expiry dates of December 31 and get 90% of December's groceries free.
  • Get cash back on some of your alcohol purchases
  • Use cash back apps when grocery shopping and cut your food bill down.
  • Start making side money right from home in your spare time
  • Sell off these 5 things from around the house for fast money for Christmas shopping
  • Write and follow a gift list. Don't buy on impulse.