5 Non-Gift Gifts Your Kids Will Remember Forever.

If you haven't read my post about our cancelled Christmas check it out. Sometimes cancelling the commercial part of Christmas can bring your family that much closer. But if that is not your thing I totally get it,  here are 5 things you can give your kids for Christmas that don't have a dollar value.

Family Game Night (No interruptions no exceptions)
Family Board Game Night

Life is stupid busy right? Non stop schedules and appointments, school meetings and the million other things that come up in a week. When is the last time you actually sat down with your kids and played a game, even a simple game of cards? Probably a long time, don't feel bad...Life is demanding as hell!

Let the kid(s) pick the game, go all out and make it a festival event. Popcorn pop baked treats or whatever your family goes for. Turn the cell phones off give your undivided attention to them.

Invite them, make them feel important and give them an actual invitation to a game night. Your kids need your attention more than they know how to tell you! And guess what? You will love the time spent with them.

Playing a game that is new to everyone is always a great time. Some of the top family games this year are Beat The Parents, Toilet Trouble, and Tall Tale Story Telling Board Game which has 5 different ways of play.

Kids Coupons ( Yes Kids Love Coupons Too!)

Remember not wanting to do your chores and wishing that for just one night your parent's would get off your back and not asking you to walk to the dog or take the garbage out? Kids need a break too!

Give them coupons to get a free pass out of something they complain about doing. There is even a coupon for picky eater day, that one is perfect for so many kids! Moment's and feelings are what your kids will remember. They will never remember that you spent $109 on a robot, they will remember that time Mom let them off chores or did something special with them that they wanted.

You can find Kids Coupon Books on Amazon for under $10

Gift Making Craft Night ( So they can make their gifts)
Kids Crafts - Non-Gift Ideas

It's easy to forget to teach our kids that Christmas and gift giving is about the feeling inside, not the value or dollar amount of a gift. Kids love giving gifts to their grandparents, aunt's, uncles and whoever. Set up a craft night as a family and go to it. Help them make their gifts and wrap them and everything! Some treats to make it a party and your kids will remember this family time forever. Dollar stores are the best place to get a ton of craft supplies for next to nothing!

Amazon has some really awesome craft kits like soap making, bath bomb making kits and a million more. Not only do you get some great bonding time, you get to show your child how good it feels to make and do something for someone else other than themselves.

Reverse Parent Child Day ( Kids LOVE This One, Especially younger children)
5 Non-Gift Gifts Your Kids Will Remember Forever.

Yup sit back and throw tantrums, say no, refuse your lunch and enjoy being your own child for awhile! Let your kids be the parent for a day! Remember they are the boss. Make it fun, and listen and watch carefully. You are about to see exactly how your little one views you from their eyes.Make it a big deal that this is their day to be the big boss!

Make a Bucket List For the Upcoming Year ( Kids Love Achieving Goals)
bucket list

Get a poster board at the dollar store draw out the calendar for them and set down and start helping that list grow. Kids are natural dreamers Find out exactly what they dream about doing and get a buck list of goals done up.They will love achieving them and dreaming about them. Stickers and glitter and creativity will make this board very special to them. Hang it in their room so they can see their dreams and goals everyday.

If you want to do just a paper form, which is better for older kid and teens you can print a variety of  blank bucket list's.