5 Things You Can Learn Free

5 Things You Can Learn for Free

Do you like trying new things? Having new adventures? Of coarse you do! It's human nature to crave knowledge. Too often the cost of learning something new is the only thing that is holding you back and that is easily rectified. 

Here are just 5 of the hundreds of things you can learn for free.

1. Learn to Draw
learn to draw free

Drawing is something most of us want to learn to do, or to get better at if we are one of those creatively blessed people. (So jealous of those people). Drawing and coloring is used quite often as a stress reliever, so knowing how to do it the best we can is beneficial. Image the money you could save on gifts if you could give your amazing and personalized art work as gifts.

Here are some great relaxation coloring pages for you. Completely free just print your pages. 

2. Learn to Take the Best Pictures
Learn Photography free

You know you have pictures that captured a memorable or adorable moment but the picture came out like crap! I know myself I have too many!

Start taking amazing pictures of your kids and life's moments by learning the best techniques and tricks to taking the best pictures possible.


3. Learn How to Start a Blog
start a blog free

Learning to blog to make money is something many of you want to do. Finding the information without being prompted to buy into the coarse or buying an eBook to learn how is extremely rare. 

Granted bloggers definitely deserve to make a little kick back  from the knowledge they have to share, but sometimes paying for the coarse or book is just not a fit into your budget.

Amy Lynn Andrews shows you start to finish how to start your very own blog.


4. Learn How to Win More Contests

There are people making a full-time living off contests and giveaways. Learning the tips and tricks is key to winning more prizes.

Contesting is one hobby that can lead to some great prizes like cash, free food for a year, cars and even homes!

5. Learn Some Basic Grammar
15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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