55 Ways to Save Money

Lists are something I love! I use lists for everything..and I mean everything. Christmas shopping lists, grocery lists, a list of bills that need to be paid, the list of things to remember to pick up when I am out. Lists just make life a little easier and can be actually kind of fun

There is one list that I really like and that's my list of ways to save money. I keep it handy and where I can see it to remind myself and kind of keep myself on track with saving.

Saving your spare change is a great way to save some extra money when things are tight and you are making it paycheck to paycheck.Save all your change throughout the year in a jar, adding to it every day. Whenever you make a cash purchase and get any change it automatically becomes change that will go into your change jar, not back in your pocket.

Saving 1 toonie a day for 365 days you end up with $730 ...many of us get at least a toonie back in change a day.


  • Use coupons on everything you can
  • No more coffee runs, make it at home  
  • Make the majority of gifts for people
  • Don't buy birthday cakes, make them
  • Cook in bulk
  • Budget budget budget
  • Do free activities not paid ones
  • Make extra money online 
  • Have leftover nights, don't waste food
  • Visit yard sales often - Have a profitable yard sale with these ideas
  • Never pay for shipping costs
  • Have monthly meal plans
  • Shop at second-hand stores when you can. NOT for underwear and personal items!
  • Use a change jar and don't stop
  • Leave the kids home when you shop for anything
  • Exchange babysitting with a friend
  • Stop paying for cable and get a TV box, or use your internet
  • Go to restaurants that offer free meals for kids and coupons for you
  • Do minor household repairs yourself- You can do it!
  • Use all the reward and points programs you are eligible for.
  • Use cash back programs and apps to get money back on all your online shopping
  • Join Swagbucks to earn Amazon.ca gift card codes for everyday products free. More ways to earn Amazon money
  • Don't go grocery shopping hungry
  • Buy generic brands 
  • Do your own oil changes
  • Refinance your mortgage
  • Do Christmas shopping all year, don't wait for higher prices right before the holidays
  • Make your kids spend their allowance on things like cell phones and non-necessities 
  • Use the public school system, not private schools
  • Open a bank account with a no fee bank such as President's Choice or Tangerine.
  • Join product testing communities and get products free of charge. 
  • Enter contests consistently you will be surprised how winning starts to happen when you enter daily.
  • Have a second mini freezer for hot meat deals and stock up.
  • Contact companies and ask for coupons- You will be amazed how many will send you some.
  • Make your own baby food. 
  • Use darker curtains in the summer to keep the house cool
  • Use insulated curtains in the winter to keep heating costs down
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs in everything.
  • Make your own gift tags
  • Stop having kids- after 3 I learned this lesson! LOL
  • Don't spoil your kids, they don't need everything they want or cry for.
  • Join Amazon family & Prime and get higher discounts
  • Use a shopping list and stick to it.
  • Avoid paying for extra warranties at the register
  • Shop the clearance section even in the grocery store.
  • Use a prepaid cell phone not a monthly plan
  • Go paperless for billing with amenities. Most company's charge a fee to mail you your bill.
  • Know what foods are in season 
  • Ride a bike and leave the car at home when you can
  • Use the Gas Buddy app to find the cheapest gas in your area
  • Become a newsletter member to coupons pages and savings sites.
  • Know where to get things free on your birthday
  • Complete the survey's on all your receipts 
  • Get your bathroom products completely free
  • Don't pay full price for these foods

If you are someone who does better when things are turned into a game/challenge (Me all the way) try this fun savings game to save.

If you are a visual person who needs to keep track and see the numbers on paper there are some printable 52 week money saving challenges you can us to help you along your way.

With a little self-discipline and a real genuine want to start saving your Toonies, your jar will be growing in no time!