How to Find Reliable Freebie Pages & Blogs for Free Stuff in Canada.

Love freebies and free samples but never seem to get them? There are ways to keep yourself safe online and to avoid freebie scams and free sample pack scams.

In Canada alone there is over 40+ websites advertising freebies and free samples, but can you decipher which ones are posting actual viable offers and freebies? Probably not, and you shouldn't have to really, but 2017 has been a year of growing scams and offers.


If you are completely new to freebies and how to get freebies start here and then come back to see how to keep yourself safe while enjoying this amazing and rewarding hobby,

Things to look for on a freebie or free sample website

Is there a disclosure on the page you have landed on? FTC rules now regulate free sample and freebie websites which I love! In 2017 they have started cracking down on being transparent with your readers, which 80% of freebie websites don't do. 

A disclosure is telling you what the link you are about to click is about. Many freebie website owners use their own personal contest referral links to gain entries into contests and giveaways. This is FINE. Everyone has the right to share their referral link on any social media platform they have. The issue is... They must by law disclose that to you that the link is a referral for them to gain an entry.

The same rules apply to selling products through links, such as an Amazon product there has to be a disclosure telling you that links may earn the writer enough for a coffee.

If a website you are visiting doesn't have a disclosure on the page you should probably just walk away.


Your privacy and personal information is what you need to protect when online. It gets harder and harder everyday to keep yourself safe from scammers, hackers and fakes online. When you are looking for freebies and free sample packs make sure the websites you are putting your trust in have a privacy disclosure within view of the page you have landed on. This is important because not only is it the law to have a privacy disclosure it tells you the reader what information is being used.

DON'T Sign Up For Freebie Emails

Signing up for emails is the worst you can do. I know other freebie websites are cringing right now that I am being upfront and honest but your safety and my safety are paramount here. Let's be real here for a minute..if a really cool freebie is offered at 10 am to 1000 people by 11 am that freebie is now gone. You get an email at 4 pm telling you about a freebie, which you have no already missed. You open yourself up for tons of spam emails for a freebie you missed anyways. Follow your freebie websites on social media. That is the best way to actually see the freebie while the offer is live and available. 

Free Means Free- Never Pay

Never...I repeat never pay for a freebie, or free sample pack offer. If a freebie is shared with you in a misleading way you make enter your credit card information and think you won't be charged but you most likely will be. A freebie is free of charge completely. There are offers of a free product but you must pay shipping. Many of these are legitimate just do your research and use PayPal when you can instead of using your credit card.

Can You Really Get Products Free?

Heck yes! Since 2010 we have been hunting and getting many amazing free products, free food, even large appliances for review. Getting free products is absolutely possible but only if you are following the right bloggers. See just a few of our mail days right here in Canada. You will be amazed at what you can get for free.

Greed Changes Freebie Websites

Greed has changed the ethical ways of many freebie websites in the last few years and honest and popular freebie websites have started scamming and misleading their own readers to make money off them. Just because a website was safe 2-3 years ago, doesn't mean you are safe now. In fact, most aren't. Below is the safest Canadian freebie websites. When you start to see a freebie website offering more products for sale then freebies it's time to walk away before you get duped.

Beware of freebie websites that start offering more things for you to buy then things you can get free. Freebie means freebie and costing you money shouldn't be the goal of such a website.

Canada's Legitimate & Safe Freebie Websites