10 of the Best Ways to Save Money on Meat

If you are anything like me I love my meat! I just don't like the prices and prices are always on the rise. There are some great easy ways to cut the costs of your monthly meat bill. 

Raising three boys who are huge meat eaters I learned some great ways to keep costs down and still provide amazing meat meals.

Making a meal stretch further and feed more hungry mouths is always a win win. Having left overs is a score and a money saver! 


10 Ways to Save Money on Meat 

1. Buy Reduced Meat

Visit your local grocery stores early and by early I mean when they open. Reduced meat is always put out first thing in the morning. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reduced meat other than the fact that the store must have it off the shelf.

Reduced meat needs to be frozen that day for later use or cooked by the date recommended on the package. You wouldn't believe the deals I have scored on steaks, roasts, bacon and ground beef buying reduced.

2. Stretch Your Ground Beef Further

Adding other ingredients into your ground beef will make a meal go much further. There are a few ways to do this and I am sure you can come up with some of your own.

Ingredients you can add to ground beef

Bread Crumbs
Cooked Beans
Cooked Rice
Cracker Crumbs
Grated vegetables - Any that would go nicely with the meal your making.

3/4 of a cup of filler ingredient per pound of ground beef if the best.

3. Buy Cheaper Cuts of Meat

If you don't want to put money out on the best cuts, save money by grabbing cheaper cuts of meat and using marinades and buy yourself a meat tenderizer.  Kitchen aid has a great tenderizer that I personally use, it can be bought on Amazon.

4. Stock Up When the Time is Right

If you have stumbled upon some reduced meat or a great sale stock up on it. Freezing the meat properly can keep it safe for ages. Freshco often has their pork loins on sale for insanely low prices. 

I buy 4 and cut it down and freeze it. I get 16 meals out of 4 large pork loins. Having a small freezer is a great way to stock pile on meat when the prices are unbeatable.

5. Have Meatless Meals Each Week

Every meal doesn't need to consist of meat. There are so many creative and delicious meals you can make and enjoy that have no meat at all.

Meatless Meal Ideas

6. Find Other Places to Buy Meat

I am not saying start buying your meat out of a person's car trunk lol but don't just settle for buying your meat at the local grocery store. Look around and visit local butchers and meat shops to find great deals too. Find a few friends to go in on a cow or pig with you and save hundreds on meat a year. Calling your local farmers can never hurt either. You may be pleasantly surprised at the deals you can get.

Checking Flipp.com and finding the lowest price on meat in your area before heading out is a great way to shop for the lowest price.

7. Buying More Sometimes is Cheaper

Watch prices closely. For a family size pack of ground beef, you are paying less for more meat. Avoid small single packs of meat. Always look for larger packs with a higher yield of meat for less money.

Separate large packages of meat right away and break them down to get 3 or 4 meals from a large package if not more.

8. Smaller Portions

Meat does not and actually should not be the largest food item on your plate. Put smaller portions on your family's plate and add more vegetables and other side dishes to fill the meal.

Smaller portions are actually healthier for us. I just started actually paying attention to portion size and I started using the Healthy Living Portion Control Containers are what I use in my own kitchen.

9.Keep a Record of Meat Prices

For 3 months jot down the prices you are paying for meat. Starting learning your store's price cycles and when prices are the lowest.

You will be able to know when and when not to buy meat at all. And if you are stocking up on meat like in #4 then you can avoid buying meat when prices are high. 

10. Use coupons/Cash-Back Apps

Meat coupons can be hard to find but they are out there. Check your look Zehrs stores if you have them, their coupon boards have some great coupons for $3 off any fresh meat with the purchase of a LaGrille product. 

Check cash back apps like Checkout51 and Caddle to see if they are offering you money back on your purchases.

Hamburger Helper Boxes put meat coupons of their packaging once per year. Watch for these boxes and stock up and plan a meat shop.

Butterball Canada often offers coupons and gives away coupons for free products on their Facebook fan page-