9 Crucial Things I learned From my Facebook Business Page

Having a Facebook page for your business or just as a hobby can be very lucrative financially and make you a nice side income if you are already on Facebook daily.

In the last year, I decided it was time to really focus on my Facebook page and not just the website, after taking a few marketing courses and implementing just 5 of the suggestions the outcome has been amazing!!

Facebook is always changing its algorithm and keeping up can be tricky!

After doing each one of these crucial tips a completely dead Facebook page that had been ignored for over a year has grown exponentially and the traffic is amazing! These tips work and will grow your audience and better yet your follows! Yes, the "Likes" are not important at all! It is your reach and follows that is going to matter here

9 Crucial Things Your Facebook Page Needs

#1 Cover Photo

No words or at most 2. Avoid collage's and make it clear very clear in that one picture what your page is about and what content your reader will be seeing.

#2 Facebook Page Profile Photo

Don't I repeat don't put a picture of yourself unless your name is your brand and even then try and avoid it. Profile photos are now shown in the newsfeed in a circle so make sure your graphic or image fits and looks appealing in that circle.

#3 How many times you post in a day

Facebook will put your content in front of more eyes if you post less. Y, s you read that right less truly is more with Facebook. So the content you do post make it count. 4-6 times a day maximum is best. 6 am 9 am 1 pm and 7 pm. Are the times you should post. And only ONE-time slot should be your content. Facebook is focusing now on pages that SHARE content from related pages and niches.

#4 Dead weight fans and friends

When you start a page Facebook says to you hey come on invite your friends to like your page... don't. Friends are dead weight on your page and will actually slow your reach down! After deleting thousands of likes in under a month my Facebook page sky rocketed. Delete any fans with no profile pictures. They hold your reach down tremendously. Facebook sees them as a risky account and your page pays the price. If your page is country targetted delete fans from other countries. Facebook shows your page to people that match who your fans are already. Which hurts your reach.

#5 Sharing

For the last few months, Facebook is focusing on pages that share content and don't lead readers away from Facebook. Of course though right? They want the traffic to stay ON Facebook not be led off to your website. Sharing other peoples content will sky rocket your engagement on your page and that is what you want.

#6 Like's Don't Matter Follow's Do

The days have long gone where your number of Facebook page likes matter. They don't. There are pages with 3000 fans making thousands every month from their pages and pages of 95,000 fans that make nothing. A few years ago many page owners were so desperate to have like they paid for them.

If your likes are way higher than your follows your page has an issue. Your focus needs to be on who follows your Facebook page and content.

#7 Banned and Bad Words 

Yes, there are words that Facebook doesn't like and does stop the reach for that post. Just a few are coupons, free, freebies, win, so you need to get creative and switch those words up. There are many many more words. Reading Facebooks marketing posts will show you the hundreds of words they don't want to be used. It was suggested that using the Qpon instead of coupon will do wonders and it DOES! The reach for a post with qpon vs coupon was quadruple. So now I guess if I see other coupon bloggers using that term we will know where they got it from ;) It is amazing how tricky Facebook can be.

# 8 Getting Facebook Verified.

Getting Facebook verified with a grey check mark is super simple and pretty much anyone with ID can do so. Go into your settings of your Facebook page and then the general tab. Just click verify page and that's it. Some page owners are saying it was a negative for their reach once they became verified, others love it.

Having more than one page with the same content is seen as spam by Facebook and they are cracking down. You could end up losing both pages. I have seen it done in the last month to two very large pages so beware. Facebook is cracking down on fake news posts and having 2 pages with the same content is seen as fake news and dealt with.

#9 The kiss of death from Facebook

When you see this on a post you have posted on your Facebook page it's referred to as the kiss of death by a top Facebook Marketer. It means Facebook has stopped showing it in people's news feeds and the post is dead. DON'T boost it. You will be throwing your money away. Learn what you did wrong in that post and avoid doing it again.

Weird things with Facebook posts.

Posts that have a ton of likes and shares have a lower click through rates.

After experimenting for a month with some posts I found some interesting things.  Posts that have a ton of likes on them and shares actually get very few clicks on the actual link to the post. Yet posts with zero likes get thousands of clicks. Which is awesome!