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Sometimes as a blogger I post offers or earning opportunity's and just assume you take it at face value. I always ensure that every offer is a viable one and safe one. I just wanted to do an update about Legerweb a Canadian Survey site.

Many people shy away from surveys fearing it's a waste of time and they will never actually get paid. I received my 13th  cheque from them today and just wanted to show my readers that it is worth it to fill out a few surveys. For only 3 short surveys I completed while having a morning coffee I was able to cash out. If you're looking to earn online Legerweb is a must join website.

Legerweb is one of my very favorite places to earn some extra money. I took some screenshots of my account yesterday to show you how it kind of works. 

Surveys come often if you complete the ones you get.( I use my tablet for answering surveys, it's much quicker than using a laptop )

Surveys generally range from $1 + $15. They tell you how long it will take to answer the survey, it has never taken as long as they state. Once you complete your survey you can choose how you get paid. Options for payment are cash in the form of a cheque or Airmiles credited to your Airmiles account. I always opt for the money. 

Best Rated Survey Opinion Panel in Canada

I took some screenshots of my available survey's yesterday to show you how it's laid out. While having my morning coffee, I check into my dashboard and complete a few quick surveys and I have made money while sitting relaxing! 

As you can see in the screenshot below, you make money for completing the survey, and in the next option you see "chances". These are cash contest entries. Every time you complete a survey you get yourself chances at winning the month's cash prizes.

If you are looking for a legitimate easy way to earn some extra money at home while having a coffee Legerweb is a great panel to be a part of. 

The surveys are high paying and earning doesn't take long. You can easily get to your $20 cash out in just a couple surveys. 

Legerweb is just one of the many legitimate safe ways to make some extra money online.