Canadians Can Win a Tiger Balm Prize Pack Monthly

Tiger Balm I think is something we have all used at least once, or you remember your parents using it. That distinctive scent is one you never forget. And it really does work! None of us get away with pain free lives, so Tiger Balm is to the rescue for sure. They even have a Tiger Balm Patch now that I swear by! Works better than any other patch I have used for my sore muscles. You have a chance every month to win a prize pack of their products. 2 people get picked each month for the $50 Tiger Balm prize pack and winners are posted right on the page. You can also see the many winners posting pictures of their prize packs. Read all the rules to the ongoing monthly prize pack giveaway and then visit them on Facebook- Tiger Balm Canada  to start gaining your chances of a prize pack.