Enter to Win a New Gift Card Every Day

Enter to Win a New Gift Card Every Day

Wining gift cards is a favorite prize for most of us. Royal Draw is a favorite of mine to visit every morning while I have my coffee and enter that days gift card giveaway

Here is the bonus of Royal Draw...For every daily gift card giveaway you enter you are getting points! These points can be redeemed for, yup you guessed it gift cards

You also earn points if you share that days gift card giveaway on your Facebook page or other social accounts. I have been a member of Royal Draw for over 6 years and have won a couple gift cards and redeemed over $400 in gift cards for entering daily.

Enter Today's Gift Card Giveaway 

You can also print money saving coupons for groceries clothing makeup and more.You earn points for printing them and for using them. This is a great website if you are a contest lover and love winning prizes and claiming free gift cards.