How to Begin Product Testing at Home in Canada

How to Start Product Testing Free in Canada

Trying products at home for free in not a myth. In fact its one way I have saved money, made money and received a ton of full size products free. Free product testing at home is something anyone can do. You don't have to be a blogger or have amazing computer skills. Product testing at home can be done by woman, men and kids!

What is product testing & what does it cost?

Product testing is an opportunity offered to Canadians via different programs, to get full size or sample size products mailed right to your home totally FREE for you to try out. There is no cost ever, even shipping is covered for you.

Why would they give you something free?

Brands want some buzz created around their new product and who gossips better than a woman with a new beauty product!? They expect in exchange for mailing you that free product that you will get online to your social accounts and tweet, Instagram and Facebook share the product and your thoughts about it.

Let's Get You Started Product Testing 

Free stuff in the mail in Canada

Each week I get 10+ emails  asking "How do I get accepted into product testing opportunities-I never seem to get picked?" It's saddening, because usually the reason people don't get into these free product offers, is lack of reading the instructions.

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There are many factors that go into being picked for product reviews and each program will have different things they are looking for from you the reviewer.

  • Join all the consumer product testing programs open to you. This gives you a better chance of getting products to try at home to review. Read the guidelines and boring stuff to make sure that if you're in Canada, they offers products for Canada. 
  • Use one email for all your product tester programs so you don't miss an email, and always check your junk folder
  • Before applying make sure you read all the instructions and what they are looking for.
  • Fill out your profile in full. Every single question in your profile has to have a response. Such as hair color, allergies and so on. 

Each product testing program runs differently and is looking for different things from you.

"If you get a product to review and you do not do the review don't expect another product from that program. They will not offer you another product and it will be a waste of your time applying. Review every product you get and on time."

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Getting Products in the mail to Test

Every product tester program has different things they are looking for from you. Knowing what is expected of you is the best way to get free products to test at home.
  1. Always complete your reviews
  2. Make a new email just for product testing programs
  3. Complete reviews on time
  4. Share them to all social networks (Trust me they are watching)
  5. Use hashtags that are asked of you.
  6. If a product doesn't arrive contact them, don't just ignore the review
  7. Always use a disclosure that you got the product free #freeproduct

Brand Power- Home Tester Club 
Free Air Wick from Brand Power

Sign in at least weekly. Review products they have on their website already. You may not get emails telling you there is a new product, you will only see it when you sign in and go to the tester area of your account.

Chick Advisor 
Complete your profile in full. Answer every question and leave nothing out. With Chick Advisor your application for the products they are offering for review won't even be looked at if you haven't done 5 of your own reviews first.

This means you will look through the products on their website and hit the write review button.

Choose 5 products you use in your everyday life and write a good review for each. Once you have done that your applications to try products will be considered. If you miss doing a review for a product you have received from them odds are you won't get picked again. So do your reviews on time. Engage with articles on their website as well to earn points and increase your chances of being picked.

XYStuff is run by Chick Advisor and the same applies as the paragraph above. The difference is this program is for men.

Crowd Social - Now known as
This is a slightly different product testing program. All you have to do is sign up and wait. The offers don't come very often but when they do they are usually very good. Once you a signed up watch for emails with surveys.

These surveys will match you with products to test, so answer them all and in full. They were a paying product testing program but since combining with SheBlogsCanada, I can't say for sure if they still pay for the reviews or you just get the product to try.

With Crowd Social if you don't have social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest you most likely won't get picked to try products. They really want the promoting aspect.

Influenster Canada
Free products in the mail from Influenster

This is a very popular website with many very different VoxBox offers for all aspects of life from cooking, cleaning, make-up, health and more. So each VoxBox is totally matched with the people getting them.

 It is not easy to get picked for their Voxboxes but not impossible. You must have social accounts to link and to bring up your stats to be picked. You also must be very active on the website. That means opening and completing badges, commenting on other peoples reviews even just liking them.

Answering your snaps is the most important thing you can do to get a product box. Snaps are quick questions about you and what products you use. These questions are to match you with an upcoming Voxbox. The boxes of products are absolutely worth the effort it takes to be involved and get in on the boxes. Having multiple social accounts increases your chances as well.

Social Nature
This is my second favorite of them all. I am starting to focus on healthier eating and living which means more natural products. At any given time there are products up for review. There isn't much to do other than applying for the opportunity and answer a few quick questions. They match you with the product by the way you respond to the questions and by your geographical location.

After doing over 25 different product reviews with Social Nature, they are one of the best in my books. If you don't leave a review for the product you receive you won't get picked again. So do your reviews! Don't count on emails to come in saying there is a new product available, bookmark their website and sign in weekly to see what products have been added.

Topbox Circle - Formerly known as Glam Sense
Free products to try from Topbox Circle

This a very popular beauty product testing program and the Topbox Circle mission boxes are simply amazing.  Once you sign up for Glam Sense it's a waiting game. Just wait for surveys to come to your emails, but answer them immediately. Don't wait until the next day, you will be costing yourself a chance at the next box. Topbox Circle is very strict so obey the rules to continue getting picked. If you don't review your mission box they will remove you from the program.

If you follow the guidelines to each of the product testing programs and answer your email surveys quickly you will see an increase in offers you get accepted to.

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