Gift Hulk Review - Can You Really Make Money?

I have been a member of Gift Hulk for almost 4 years now...with that being said the only reason I have been a member that long is because I am too lazy to sign in and close my account.

Gift Hulk claims that you will get rewards for doing activities online... Is this true? Not for me that's for sure. You will see in this post I have not even added a link to them. You can Google them if you wish but I won't be sending my amazing readers to them.
I had earned enough to claim a few rewards and did just that...did I ever receive them? I sure didn't! As well after 4 separate attempts to contact them about it I got no answer. Their customer service is seriously lacking and their consumer complaints attest to that.

As my loyal readers know I love finding ways to make money online and there are TONS of legitimate ways that actually pay! I ALWAYS check that they are Better Business Bureau accredited as well! Gift Hulk is NOT and in fact has many complaints! They have been graded an F by the BBB.
Read Gift Hulk Complaints to the BBB

In short, don't waste your time with Gift Hulk. They aren't accredited which means it's a waste of your time and energy!
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