Best Ways to Have an Effective Money Making Yard Sale

Making an extra $500- $1000 in one weekend can happen very easily with a yard sale if you have your ducks in a row and put a small amount of planning into it.

As my boys were growing up we hosted many yard sales our largest brought in over $3000 in one weekend. Mind you that large was very well planned 2 months in advance. That planning made the entire yard sale a success and gave our family some play money and a cleaner less cluttered home!

Don't expect to make money if you just throw a half-ass yard sale together. Your time and energy are worth something and so are your treasures. Want to actually make extra money from your yard sale?

Best Ways to Have an Effective Money Making Yard Sale

This ultimate yard sale guide will show you just how to do that.

Before you even start planning your yard sale make sure you check out your local by-laws. Many communities have strict by-laws about yard sales and limit them to certain days and only one or two-yard sales permitted a year. Don't find yourself in a situation where you are paying out your yard sale profits out in fines.

#1 Get Your Yard Sale Supplies

Signs are very important just as balloons, price stickers, markers and more. The dollar store can be a great place to get some supplies. I wrote a list of what not to buy at the dollar and what to buy. I am realizing I should have added yard sale supplies too.

Signs are the most important thing you need to focus on before even sorting thru your treasures to be sold. You can make your own and get stakes or attach them to poles but that won't be as effective in bringing in the buyers. Going all out is the way to make extra money from your yard sale.

If you want to save time and not be running all over town to grab supplies there is an extremely popular complete yard sale kit you can get on Amazon the Garage Sale Sign Kit with Pricing Stickers and Wood Sign Stakes (A802G).The reviews are pretty amazing and it's a national top seller, must work right!

#2 Stickers & Pricing 
Pricing labels in neon orange
Now that you have your supplies that will get people to your yard sale the next thing is pricing stickers.  Pricing everything will save you time, frustration and. People leave yard sales that force them to ask prices for everything. It also opens you up for lower offers than you may feel items are worth.

Avery Preprinted Removable Garage Sale Labels, 0.75 Inches, Round, Pack of 350 on Amazon is my go to pack for my yard sales. Prices are all done for you saving you a ton of time, and there is even make offer stickers for items you don't know what to price at.

When it comes to pricing your items, decide if an item is in the yard sale to de-clutter your home or an item that you yourself would pay a decent price for at a yard sale. Remember the goal is to make extra money from your yard sale, so price items fairly and price them to move. If you choose to make price stickers yourself make sure they are clear and easy to read.

#3 Advertising your yard sale
Headline Sign 9397 Yard Sale Kit,

Traffic is what you want and need to have a successful yard sale. There are so many places online you can advertise your yard sale free. Put your yard sale date and address in accurately to any ads you may place. I prefer not to pay for advertising, with the net getting the news out about your yard sale can be very easy. And remember your signs are going to be amazing to draw the most traffic in. Garage sales by Map is just one of many places you can advertise your yard sale for free.

Yard sale sign advertising is your biggest advantage to making money from your yard sale. Before the sun comes up on many weekends avid deal hunters are up coffee in hand and on the look out for signs.  Neon colors and bright attractive legible signs are the best for bringing the buyers to your yard sale.

#4 Setting up your yard sale

Just like big department stores do, you are going to put larger and attractive items closer to the road or entrance of your yard sale. Drawing people's attention to larger items gets them in and spending.

Keep items off the ground. It's no fun to have to bend down over and over to look at things. People are less likely to pick something up if they have to bend down for it. Think ahead and use tables, and if you don't have one borrow one!

Put your yard sale signs up after dark the night before. First thing early morning on the day of your yard sale drive or walk to the route you put your signs up to make sure they are all in place and clearly visible. You want passing cars to be able to read your signs, so use basic fonts and larger clear letting.

Let's talk cash! Change is a must. Don't even start your yard sale without having a fanny pack around your waist and a good amount of change. 

You should have on you before the yard sale begins

1 x Roll of Nickles $2
1 x Roll of Quarters $10
1 x Roll of Loonies $25
10 x Toonie $10
8 x Five dollar bills $40
2 x Ten dollar bills $20
Yard Sale Survival Kit Must Haves

To avoid having to run in and out of your home during the yard sale make sure you have a kit ready for the day. Leaving your yard sale unattended is not a wise idea. Having these items will make your yards sale and day go much smoother.

  • Markers
  • Extra paper for changing prices or to be sold signs on items.
  • Tape
  • Grocery bags for items sold
  • Newspaper for breakable items
  • Chair to sit and take a break when it's slow
  • Snacks and drinks to keep your energy level up.
  • Calculator