Save Money Shopping on Amazon With These Useful Tips

Shopping on Amazon is one thing I absolutely love doing and have learned some really great tips on doing it right to get more for a lot less. My girlfriends always call me before hitting the order button to make sure they are doing it right to get some money taken off the total or score the lowest price with free shipping.

I am always shocked when I hear just how little people know about shopping on especially since it's one of the top online shopping choices now. knowing all the little tips and tweaks you can use when shopping on Amazon can add up some pretty big savings all year long.

In case you hadn't noticed Amazon recently changed the free shipping offer now to orders over $35. It used to be $25. That really doesn't bother me in the least, since I always make sure I get free shipping even if it means adding a few add-on items to get my order over the $35 mark. Amazon Prime really is the way to go for free shipping and two-day shipping and other great freebies they throw in. You get a completely free 30-day trial so if you have some shopping to do, use the free trial for free two-day shipping.

Amazon Coupons are a great way to take some money off your order, I am always amazed that some people don't even realize there are coupons right on the website waiting to be clipped and instantly applied to your order.

Facts You Probably Don't Know About

#1 Each member of your family (household) is eligible for the 30 day free Amazon Prime offer.

#2 If you want to return a product, no worries the shipping back is free. You sign into your Amazon account and go to the order and start a return. You can print a shipping label to affix to your package and shipping is at no cost to you. This rule apply's on things purchased from, not a third party seller.

#3 Amazon doesn't charge you until the moment your box is on its way to you.

#4 Amazon Gold Box is something people forget about all too easily. I like doing holiday shopping all throughout the year not 3 weeks before a holiday. So Amazon Gold is a go-to spot for me.The Amazon Gold Box is like Black Friday deals all year long. They are HOT deals and they go fast! Products are switched out fairly quickly too so check often to score a really great deal.

#5 Signing up with Subscribe & Save can add another 15% savings to your order total. If there is something you consistently buy on Amazon like diapers, toilet paper or so on, subscribe and save on those items. These savings can really add up.

#6 has a baby registry with some really great perks for new parents.

#7 Getting gift card codes are amazing for saving 100% on your orders. When you get a gift card code you copy it and paste it in your account. Even $1 & $2 Amazon gift card codes add up! Your balance will never expire. There are tons of ways to earn yourself completely free gift card codes online. ALL of them are free as well. I will add the links to the places I use for all my gift cards I earn online.

#8 You can get paid cash back on almost everything you buy on There are numerous programs I use to get cash back on every order I make on Amazon. I check which one is paying the highest % back at the time I am shopping and I shop through there to get money back. Feels great to get money back, you can put that money towards savings or spend more!!

 Swagbucks -With Swagbucks you get SB'S as your cash back which can be transferred into actual cash, or gift cards. Win win right!? Ebates- I use Ebates quite a lot. As I am typing this I just checked's cash back offer and it's at 4%!! Ebates pays in PayPal cash which then can be withdrawn to your bank.

#9 You can get high-value coupon codes on Dealspotr as well you can earn yourself Amazon gift cards by sharing coupon codes you come across while online. Great free program.

#10 Honey Gold is a free Google extension you can download here. When you shop on or anywhere really, it will actually pop up with coupon codes for your order and even run the codes for you. I have saved money without even remembering I had downloaded this extension. You earn Honey Gold on purchases that can be cashed out for cash as well. It's really becoming quite popular.

Ways to Make Gift Card Codes for Free

InstaGC - This is one of my very favorite ways to get my gift card codes. This is the only program that lets you instantly redeem and get your Amazon gift card. Once you have 100 points you can cash out a $1 gift card. Earning points is super easy and codes are given away too for free points. There are some people who are a lot more active than myself making some great money with this program. You instantly get your Amazon gift card code, which has helped me many times with an order I may be a couple dollars short for. No waiting the code is instantly there for me to use once I redeem my points.

Quick Rewards You earn points for doing daily activities, surveys, watching videos and more. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards and many more gift cards and rewards.

Swagbucks is one of the easiest incomes I make online, and gift cards can be earned so easily using this program.

Royal Draw - This is a super easy way to earn some gift cards, it does take awhile to earn. You get points for entering the daily gift card giveaway and even more points for sharing the daily contest on your Facebook page and Twitter account.
Enter today's gift card giveaway below and make your free account to get started.

If you save up all your gift card codes you earn  from these sources all year you can easily have $500- $1000 in your Amazon account. I place orders on Amazon monthly and never pay a dollar out of my own pocket. I use all my gift cards to pay for everything.