10 Things You Can Stop Buying To Save Money

I am always watching out for different ways to save a little extra money, being an extreme couponer has taught me there are some things that really can be replaced. Taking a look at your budget  needs versus your wants can really add some extra savings into your savings account.

Here are just 10 things that you can stop buying and save money each month. Not everything on their list will your family want to cut and that's fine. Make sure to look at your own families spending to see what things you can stop buying to save some extra money.

Depending on what you choose to stop buying savings can really add up and fast. It may seem hard at the time but when you are holding $1000-$1500 in your hand you realize how worth the effort was.


#1 Drive-Thru Coffee Trips
(Savings over a year could be anywhere from $1500- $2000)

Coffee Tumble -This Could Be Wine

Coffee - Every time I left the house I was headed for the closest coffee shop to grab a coffee to enjoy while running errands. At $2 a coffee, and on an average day, 3 stops for a coffee is a whopping $180 a month!! This had to stop so I bought myself a stainless steel coffee mug, and a coffee maker I love and stopped hitting the drive thru's. I have to admit it is much more enjoyable to have a coffee exactly how I want it, rather than paying for a drive-thru coffee that often tastes like pure crap. I know my spending on drive-thru coffee is higher than most peoples, but there are some of you just as guilty as me for overspending on coffee.

#2 Dryer Sheets 
(Saving of $180 a year)

Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack XL, Natural Clothes Laundry Dryer Balls Reusable Handmade Fabric Softener by LambCare

With dryer sheets there are tons of uses so I do keep 1 box and 1 box only in the house always, but not for my laundry. I bought myself some awesome Woolzies dryer balls that cut down dry time and cut out the cost of constantly buying dryer sheets. Not only do you cut the cost of buying dryer sheets, dryer balls help reduce the cost of hydro you are using too.

#3 Brick Cheese 
(Saving of $150 a year)

Cheese-Grater-Vegetable-Slicer Stainless Steel - 6-sides , 9.5 Inch Height, Rubber Handle, Non Slip Rubber Bottom by Utopia Kitchen

I kick myself so often about the amount of money I wasted buying shredded cheese. Easily I found myself paying $7.99 for a bag of shredded cheese and that's so crazy I can't believe I ever did that. I bought myself a cheese grater that fit my needs (we love cheese) and started buying bricks for the lowest price possible which is generally $3.44. I shred all our cheese now and freeze it for using later.
The large Ziploc Freezer bags are what I find work best for freezing grated cheese.

#4 Weekend Spending 
(Savings of $1000 a year)

The weekends are when spending can happen too easy and mostly frivolously. Staying in and watching movies, hot bubbles baths, a good read on my Kindle is a great way to save money on the weekends. Inviting friends over for a meal keeps the wallet put away. When I feel the need to go out on the weekends I use a no spend policy. I was amazed how many free things and activities are offered in the community.

#5 Occasion Cards
(Savings of $120+ a year)

I stopped buying birthday cards, anniversary cards and so on. There are so many creative and unique printable cards for every occasion online and available to be printed. It saves money, makes the card a little more unique and it saves the almost $5.99 we pay for just a plain birthday card. Paper is so cheap and you can get all your ink supplies at a great price too.

#6 Movie Tickets
(Savings of $500 a year)

Going to the movies is great but the cost is outrageous especially once you add in your munchies and drinks. Instead of trips to the theatre, pick up some on sale snacks and watch a movie or documentary at home. Make it a fun experience by setting the mood right in your own living room.

#7 Non-Stick Cooking Spray
(Savings of $60 a year)

 Roll over image to zoom in Viva Naturals Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Once I realized how much toxic crap was actually in cooking spray I started using coconut oil. A tiny amount spread all over the pan does the job better and is much healthier. Even using butter instead of cooking spray is wiser.

#8 Shaving Cream
(Savings of $100+ a year)

Once I experienced how much better a rich hair conditioner worked as a shaving cream, I stopped wasting my money on shaving creams. Skin is so much softer after shaving with conditioner. Being woman I can easily go through 2 cans of shaving cream in a month and that really adds up in dollars.

Shaving with hair conditioner also helps keep away ingrown hairs and razor burn.

#9 Cleaning Products
(Savings of $150 a year)

I stopped paying for high priced cleaning products and made the investment in a book that showed me exactly how to make my own natural cleaners and they work much better! Lemon can go a long way to deodorizing a home and vinegar is magic when it comes to cleaning.

#10 Monthly Cell Contracts
(Savings of $500+ a year)

Monthly cell phone bills can be a budget killer. Switching to the best-prepaid offer in your local area can save you hundreds every year. If you run into a hard month, you don't have a bill accumulating you can just put money on your cell phone when you have it. Late fees on payments alone can be as much as your monthly bill. There are so many competitive prices and prepaid plans to choose from, its the best way to go.