The Year I Cancelled Christmas In Our Home...

I have cancelled a part of Christmas that my sons love... GIFTS...and here is why!
Let me start with the ages of my sons...21, 19 and 17.  Every year as a single mom I provided above and beyond in the way of Christmas gifts. Watching their eyes light up was my Christmas gift and beyond. But when January arrived..stress, struggle,  bills and catching up on the credit card payment to cover everything I had just provided my boys....what did this all lead to?

Entitled young boys who saw Christmas as commercial as the media makes it. If I could do it again, much less would be under the over decorated tree that's for sure!

Last year  I yet again spoiled all my boys......that would be the last year of that.
Why I Cancelled Christmas

This year while cleaning I came across a roadside kit that I had bought for my middle son, who recently had gotten his license & a car.....the kit was unopened and sitting in the corner. Can you say waste of my money? That was the moment I realized this.....

Within the next year or so I will be an empty nester!!! As excited as I am for this next chapter of life.I'm slightly scared too!
I thought about getting each son one heartfelt gift and saving myself the hassle of Christmas shopping and the cost. Then I came to the conclusion I wasn't buying a single gift this year.

Keep in mind all 3 of my sons have jobs. My youngest (17) is in his last year of high school and heading to University next year. My 2 oldest sons work hard and are self-sufficient and about to embark on life without mom there!

This year I have decided that I want memories...not gifts, not credit card debt and not stress....just pure Memories.

I enlightened my sons on my decision that this year I was not going to be buying gifts and going broke....the shock on my youngest's face was priceless! From overboard Christmas's to no gifts at all!

I want my sons to go into their adult life with memories of moments as a family. Once they start families of their own and have busy lives as you think they will ever really think about that laptop they got for Christmas, or movie, or new clothes? I don't think they will, not for a second.

This Christmas I am packing our Christmas holidays with things to do together to create some lasting memories they can share with their kids one day! Once my 17-year-old fly's the coop Christmas's will be very different, and this seems to be the last and ideal one to make some amazing memories.

My boys are true Canadian boys who love the planning things to do is easy. It helps that we live surrounded by ski hills and a ton of opportunity's for some outdoor fun together!
Skating at Christmas

I am replacing gifts and a stressful January with just a few of these ideas...

Skating at night at Nathan Philips Square.....snow tubing,...skiing,,,,, drinks with ME.....and more!