Ways to Boost Your Fixed Income

Ways to Boost Your Fixed Income

Are you living on a fixed income like ODSP or OW? I am focusing this post on Ontario's fixed income programs since I am Ontario based. If you are from another province make sure to research what your income limits are. Here in Ontario living on a fixed income such as ODSP or OW can be extremely hard financially. There are some very simple things you can do to boost that income while staying within the guidelines of making money and winning prizes.
Recently some limits have been raised on what you can have in your bank account as an asset and the limit on gifts has been raised as well! Here is where you need to pay attention. Gifts/prizes can be won kept and not touched if they stay under the limits!


Ways to Boost Your Fixed Income

Asset Limits

  • Was $5,000 -Now  $40,000 for single individuals
  • Was from $7,500 - Now $50,000 for couples
  • As of September 1, 2017, the income exemption for cash gifts has increased from $6,000 to $10,000 for both ODSP and Ontario Works

What does this mean for you?

It means this...Living on a set income is so hard, but you can boost it in various ways legally and without losing out.

In any given month an ODSP recipient is allowed to make some money for themselves. Many people on ODSP are homebound many hours of the day and boredom can turn to depression and anxiety. Turn that boredom time into a hobby that can boost your income, save your hundreds on food and even have prizes from contests and giveaways showing up right at your door.

Ways to Make Extra Money on ODSP


Searching for and entering contests is actually tons of fun! Enter at least 20-30 contests a day online. Make it a daily habit. Within a month or two you will see you do start to win contests.

Why are contests important for your income?

Simply put prizes = saving money. Enter contests and giveaways that are cash related, for products you use like shampoo, makeup, tools, household goods and so on. If you win a year's worth of shampoo you have just saved yourself a year's worth of paying for it. You can't win if you don't enter.

One lady on ODSP won $700 in Tim Horton's gift cards- imagine how much she saved for the next 8 months or so. If you win a prize that you won't use, read the rules of the contest and if it doesn't disallow selling that prize then put it online and sell it. Always report all earnings to your worker. And remember you can earn $200 a month before any money is taken from you.

Making side money online

Yes, you can earn money online, super easy too! You just have to put time into things to earn. This is where those hours at home can be spent boosting your income, and trust me you will love it once you have free products, gift cards and free food arriving in the mail.

Earn free Starbucks Gift Cards
Free Gift Cards for Doing Nothing
(Always claim your earnings- Gift cards are rewards-not earnings but still claim them.)

Getting products free 

Getting products mailed to you completely free is not a myth, just check out mail days to see how easy it is. Everything from T-Shirts, make-up, food, gift packs, samples and more is out there you just need to know where to sign up. Click on the picture below for all of Canada's product testing programs.

Consumer Product Testing Programs in Canada