Apps Your Food Bill Needs in Canada

The rising cost of food can be fended off by using grocery apps that are easy,efficient and that pay you cold hard cash. There are numerous apps you can find online, but most are a waste of time. As an extreme couponer, I refuse to ever pay full price for any food our family buys and cash back on food is a huge bonus.

Super easy to use too. Simply take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the cash back app and voila you have money back on your purchases. Each week the cash back offers are different, so one trick to saving the most money is building your grocery shop around foods that are paying you money back. You can even get money back on your alcohol purchases.

Once you get to a $20 you can request your cheque in the mail and within 7-10 days it's in your mailbox. Getting to $20 is extremely easy if you plan your meals around the cash back offers from each grocery app. If you are not yet using grocery money back apps your throwing your money away.

Best Canadian Food Cash Back Apps

Checkout51 - If you only want one cash back app this is by far the best of the best. Since 2015 we have been getting cheques in the mail with the money back from all our grocery shopping. It's extremely easy to use and the payouts are fast and easy.You can even get cash back on Amazon purchases which is my favorite part of Checkout51.

Great Canadian Rebates - There are endless cash back and rebate offers that will quickly add up to savings and money back for you. I love that they pay using PayPal. It makes it a great way to save some cash online and not in your hands. Or you can cash it out right into your bank which takes about 3 days. You can also get a cheque in the mail or gift cards.

Swagbucks - Many people think Swagbucks is only surveys and money making opportunities and they miss out on this best parts. You get cash back when you print and use food coupons and other coupons offered on Swagbucks. You not only earn when you print the coupon you make money when you use the coupon. .

You are probably thinking there is only 3? These are the ones I have used and enjoyed and actually received my money back from. I only share valid offers with my readers and never want your time wasted. These 3 cash back apps are the best of the best and you will get your hard earned money back when you spend on food.