Cut Your Food Bill in 2018 With These Tips

In 2018 our food bills will be rising about $348 which is a lot when you are on a budget.Our food bill is one of those things we can't escape!But we can make our food shops cheaper, more efficient, and less stressful for sure!

For years I have taught friends, family, and others how to do their food shops and to spend less money without giving up their favorite foods. Each food shopping post will teach you a different aspect of food shopping. Even putting just a few of these techniques into your food shop will save you thousands of dollars a year. Canada's food price report goes into detail about the rising costs we are about to face at the grocery store.

Let's Start Cutting Your Food Bill

When to Grocery Shop

Yes, there are good and bad times to hit the grocery store.

Go shopping at the beginning (very beginning) of that week's sale week.
Shop in the evenings between 6-8 pm after eating dinner.
Shop on weekends but only in the very early morning when they open their doors.

Shopping the day the sales start is the best way to make sure you get your great deals. If a product that is listed for that week's sale is not on the shelf, get a manager and ask for a rain check.

Shopping in the evenings after you have eaten dinner will stop those impulse purchases that waste your money. The traffic in the store will be slower since most people are settled at home by then.

Shopping on a weekend is great as long as it is very early morning when the doors open. It is also a great way to get the lowest prices on meat.

Food Coupon Shops- Saving Money on

Food Shopping Tips


  • Get signed up to be paid when you use a coupon
  • Plan to save money every time you go to the grocery store
  • Check before shopping
  • Match any coupons you have with the lowest prices on Flipp
  • Price match and shop at stores that pay overage.
  • Buy when the price is hot, not when the cupboards are empty
  • Know stock up prices for food you buy the most
  • Know where to find coupons on a regular basis
  • Learn how to shop online properly 

Stop Throwing Away The Receipt- It's Money

Your grocery receipt is something you need to start taking better care of. Once you get home with your groceries it takes under 5 minutes to pull up a few apps and check if anything you just bought at the grocery store is going to earn you some money back.

Most popular cash back apps are Checkout51, Caddle, and

With all these apps you simply upload your receipt right from your cell and get paid cash back on grocery items you bought. Doing this can actually make some of your purchases completely free.
Eat Healthy For Less Money

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Foods  for Less
With the rising cost of food you may start to feel like you can't afford to buy the healthier foods. Many people are choosing to pass up on the more expensive vegetables and fruits and opting for the frozen options to save some money. 

There are some easy ways to still eat healthy while not spending outrageous prices for healthier food options. Whether you are budgeting from a low income, a student or large family simple efforts can save you money on healthy foods.

1. Meal Planning

Having a weekly meal plan can actually save you a great deal of money. Check your local flyers the day the come out and start your meal plan for the week on that day. Choose recipes that can be used twice. An example is a large spaghetti sauce on a Monday night for dinner, can be turned into a Chili the next day. Planning your meals saves on throwing out spoiled vegetables and meat, which is where most of our money ends up wasted.

2. Coupons

Always be on the look out for coupons in the grocery isles and online that you can order. Magazines sometimes have great coupons too.  Vegetable and fruit coupons don't come around very often so when you come across them use them in your meal planning.  

3. Cash Back Apps

As saving money becomes more of a need than a want cash back apps can save you a lot of money. Cash back apps are often the place to get your greatest savings on vegetables, fruit and other healthy meal ideas. 

4. Local Farmers Markets 

Farmers markets are a great place to get locally grown vegetables and fruit at a fraction of the cost. Hint...going on the last day usually a Sunday and towards the end near close up time, you can score some really hot deals!

5. Learn What Vegetables Can Be Frozen

Vegetables such as squash, corn, tomatoes chard , kale and more can be frozen. Do some research on your families favorite foods and see what you can be safely freezing. Stocking up on a great deal on vegetables that can be frozen for a later date is a great way to save money. How to Freeze Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 

6. Leftovers

Taking leftovers the next day for lunch cuts down on spending and is much healthier. Avoid spending money everyday at the vending machine or going for lunch while at work. Having spruced up leftovers for dinner the next day is also a great way to make your food budget go further. 

There are many simple ways to still eat healthy while not breaking your food budget. I personally utilize all these and save myself money and the pain of throwing out spoiled food.