Free Air Wick Essential Oils Plug-In Arrives

Free Air Wick Essential Oils Plug-In Arrives

Only 3 weeks into the new year and it has already been a great one for freebies! First thing this morning Purolator was knocking on the door with an Amazon package.

I shared yesterday about the emails going out from Brand Power's Home Tester Club for the Air Wick Campaign. I placed my order on Amazon for my free one and I am shocked it is here today!

This offer shows just how it pays off to be patient when signing up for freebies, the applications for the Air Wick Plug-Ins when out in September 2017, and they are just rolling out now.

Air Wick Essential Oils Plug-In 

Air Wick Air Freshener, Scented Oil Kit, Crisp Linen

I love the sleek look, will fit nicely into any room decor. This is the new Air Wick Essential Oils Plug-In with 8x more fragrance control which I love. I use these mainly in the bathroom and having them at the highest scent release is how I love it to be.

I put it into the bath as soon as it arrived and closed the door, 2 hours later I came back into the room and the scent of Crisp Linen had filled the area beautifully. I am excited to see how long the scent lasts and will update this post in about 2 weeks with the results. Crisp Linen is one of my top favorite scents to have in the house, it just smells so clean and so fresh.

You can get the new Air Wick Scented Oil Crisp Linen on Amazon for under $8.