Free Stuff in the Mail - See What Freebies Came

Getting free stuff in the mail is so much fun! Especially when you aren't expecting them! You will find once you have freebies rolling in that you start to forget which offers and contests you have signed up for! It can get hard to keep track with so many amazing freebie offers available. This week for us was just like that. We got two awesome freebies in the mail that we had totally forgotten about, so they were a nice welcome surprise on a Friday night. At about 5:30 pm knock knock at the door and there was FedEx.

Surprise freebies of the week

Hitting 40 in the last year has made me realize how little OK, how I haven't at all taken care of my skin, or pampered myself with the newest beauty products.So I put beauty products on my bucket list of prizes I wanted to win in 2018 and started entering any beauty contests and giveaways open to me.

On Friday our very first win of 2018 arrived and I didn't even know I had won! Those are the best surprises. Most times a contest sponsor won't send a winner email they will just use the shipping information in your giveaway entry to send out your prize.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb

Face masks are a new favorite for me, when it's time to wind down at night, so I am super excited to get this Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask a try. If you want to try one out they sell on for under $5 as an add-on product. 

The next surprise freebie that arrived was delivered by FedEx and another total surprise and a tasty one! One of the perks of being part of the Yummy Mummy Club is that they offer their members chances to try out products totally free. As a Yummy Mummy Club newsletter subscriber you get emails with applications to sign up and try a new product free. Like the Garnier SkinActive win, I didn't get an email saying I was picked and in all honesty don't remember signing up for it but wow was I excited when it came. It was Friday and freezing cold out, and a movie night at home was the plan and I forgot to pick up snacks!
Orville Redenacher Extra Buttery Popcorn

We got 2 boxes of Orville Redenbacher popcorn. One box of Buttery and on box of Extra Buttery. There is nothing I love more with a movie than extra buttery popcorn. I am the girl leaving the movie in a theater half way through to add more butter to what's left of my popcorn!

The Extra Buttery was my favorite, I have already late last night fed my Amazon addiction and put a 24 pack of it in my cart for my next order. It was so light yet so buttery! You have to try it yourself I could never explain how good it was!