How to Get and Use Free Product Coupons

How to Get and Use Free Product Coupons

2018 is going to be a very expensive year for our food bills, and free product coupons are the way to you save money. Even a high value coupon can be turned into a free product coupon, and we will show you how. There are numerous ways to get yourself coupons for free food, free toiletries, free laundry detergent and more. 

On top of being numerous ways to get FPC's there are some tricks to using them to get the most for your coupon. Many times companies offer free product coupons but they are only available in printable coupon form. If you are really looking to keep food costs down in 2018 a cheap printer is definitely worth picking up. Even if you are not into using coupons when you food shop a free product coupon can change your mind and fast. 



Way #1 

Shoppers Voice a  one time survey will open you up to receiving free product coupons throughout the entire year and high value coupons, which we will show you how to turn into a free product coupon. You only have to take the survey once per year to get your year's worth of offers free. You can also win monthly cash prizes.

Way #2

Direct contact. If there is a product you are wanting to try or absolutely love and use all the time, do some research online and shoot them an email asking if they would be willing to mail you a coupon for their product. You will be surprised how many companies will gladly mail you a coupon. 

Way #3 

Brand Power Home Tester Club has great offers monthly for it's home tester club members where you can apply to try the products they have up for review completely free. Most times a free product coupon is mailed to you to pick the product up free yourself or they mail you the physical product.

Way # 4

Social Nature is an all natural product testing program that is completely free. Once you make your account click the "I Want It" button on the products you want to try, answer 2-3 quick questions and that's it. Sit back and wait to see if you are one of the lucky people picked. There are always a few products to choose from, and a free product coupon for that product will arrive in your mail box.

Way # 5 and the Walmart coupon portal from time to time will have a free product coupon available to order or print. Each offer is different, but the free product food coupons are always for top brand foods. I will always do a post up to let you know when a free product coupon is available for you.

Way #6

Contests and giveaways held by brands. Many brands like Butterball Canada, and McCain often hold free product coupon giveaways or contests that offer free product coupons.Signing up for your favorite products free email newsletters is a great way to snag some free product coupons too.


When you have a free product coupon, I know the urge to run off to the grocery store is strong to pick it up but there is something you should do first. Check your cash back apps like Checkout51 and Caddle to see if there is any offers for getting cash back on that product. 

Next you want to see if PC Plus (soon to be PC Optimum) is offering a points bonus. You can use a free product coupon and get cash back on the zero dollars you spent! It happens more often than you think.


When you have a coupon of high value in relation to the product -Example: $2 off a box of Shreddies cereal, you can turn that $2 coupon into a free product coupon! Check which is by far the best way to find the lowest price in your local grocery stores and wait for that product to go on sale for $2 and it will! If you have a longer expiry date on your coupon you have time to wait it out and get that product totally free.

Couponer Tip:

Throughout the year when you get free product coupons or print free product coupons keep aside all the ones expiring in December of that year. When the holiday's hit and money is tight you could have quite the reserve of free product coupons and cut your grocery costs during the holidays.

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