Mail Call in Barrie Ontario -See The Freebies We Got Today!

For the first week of the new year the freebies have been amazing in the mail so far! Let's hope that means we are all in for a great freebie year in 2018! On Friday night we had this yummy freebie arrive and today another surprise in the mail box! If there is one thing I love getting in the mail its a free product coupons. YMC is a great community that offers its members product testing opportunities for products from top brands.

I remember applying when they posted this product testing offer, but didn't get an email saying I was picked, so it was a very welcome surprise to see 2 free product coupons sitting in the mail box.
The free product coupons are for 1 free Lilydale chicken or turkey product. I am super excited to go pick these up and get to trying tasting and testing, but in Barrie Ontario its freezing and snowy and it feels like an at home blogging kind of day. So tomorrow it is! 

If you are interested in testing products at home we share product testing opportunities that are open to Canadian addresses all the time. It's a totally free and fun activity.

Mail Call in Barrie Ontario -See The Freebies We Got Today!

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