Reasons You Are Not Picked to Test Products Free - Plus Tips

Get picked to try free products

Do you apply and sign up for every product testing offer and get nothing? I get emails all the time like this one :

I sign up for every product testing offer there is and I never get picked to try free products...What am I doing wrong? Do people actually get free products to try at home? Do you have to be a blogger to get free products to try?

These are valid questions, but at the same time common sense should prevail when you actually sit and think about why would a brand want to send you a free product to try. I am going to answer each of these questions for you and tell you exactly what you need to do before even applying to get a free product to try at home.

I will also share with you the easiest and hardest product testing offers to get into, and which ones may be a total waste of your time.

Reasons You Are Not Picked to Test Products Free - Plus Tips

Top Reasons You Don't Get Picked to Try Free Products 

#1 Social media platforms. Bottom line if you are hooked on Facebook only you won't be getting picked to try new products. Most brands and companies have moved away from Facebook altogether, and could care less if you have 1000000000000 friends on Facebook.

You MUST have active accounts on numerous social platforms for 99% of product testing programs to even consider your application.

Instagram Pinterest, Twitter, Mix,  are absolutely needed to increase your chances of being picked to try products at home free. This is even more so true now that Facebook is removing pages from the news feeds and only going to be showing you family and friends updates. Brands can't get their product seen on Facebook anymore and they know it.

Make social accounts on all the platforms that are popular and get followers before even wasting your time applying to get free products to try at home. Social media accounts you should have:

#2 You Haven't Actually Applied. It's baffling how many people complain they never get picked to try a product at home, yet in actuality they never even applied for it. If you think clicking like on a post telling you about a product available to test at home free for review is going to get you the product, you're wrong. 

Let's use Chick Advisor as an example here. We always share with our readers when a new product is available to test, and tell them how long they have to apply and what the product is. They are some of the most loved posts here, BUT 90% of people applying for the product will never have a chance because they are not even eligible.

Chick Advisor expects 5 written reviews of  good quality from you before they will ever send you a free product to test. Did you know that? Are you reading the actual rules and regulations before applying? Probably not.

 So if you are applying for any of Chick Advisor's product testing offers and haven't done 5 of your own reviews that are in-depth and have pictures, you are wasting your time. The same goes for Family Related product testing and XYStuff. So make sure to read all the expectations before wasting your time.

#3 No You Don't Have to Be a Blogger But...You do need to have more than just a Facebook account to be considered for product testing offers. This ties in with #1 .Brands want real people, real readers who are going to see your thoughts and feelings about their product.

Bloggers get free products in a myriad of ways, product testing is the smallest part of that. Product testing programs are not looking for bloggers and often won't accept them into a product offer because they are a blog owner.

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#4 Writing LIKE and SHARE Will Get You Nothing...When you see a product testing offer in your news feed on Facebook don't write like and share...just don't! The words like and share are action words. Always click on the link that will lead you to an actual application form with questions and information needed about you to even consider you for that product.

#5 Be an Active Member Before Expecting Free Stuff. This is a huge factor that people seem to miss. Use your common sense, on this one. If you never sign into your account with a product testing program, like Home Tester Club or Influenster and share your thoughts, or like other peoples reviews why on earth would they ever pick you to get a free product to review? They won't and they don't.

Where and How Can You Find Products To Review 

Registering with product testing programs and review sites is not the only thing you can do to review products.

Learn to ask.... email brands directly that you have a strong interest in, be professional and explain you would love to do a review of their product and share your links to your social media accounts where your review would be shared when complete. You will be amazed at how many brands will welcome your request.

Search....Use your social accounts, Facebook Twitter, Instagram and so on to search out product review offers.

Be reachable. Make a separate email just for your product testing offers. Check them make that twice daily. Quick response time is what brands are looking for. Use your current and working phone number for brands to contact you in person. It builds trust from the start.

Honesty & Integrity in Product Testing

If you don't like the product you don't like it! Don't be fake or feel like a positive review is a must. Brands want honesty and so do the people reading your thoughts and feelings about a product.

Be professional even if the product was substandard. Contact the company with your review first to let them see your work.

Be on time....if a Brand has sent you a product to review and asked for a deadline to be it! Simple as that.

Time is money and your product tester reputation depends on it for future products a brand may offer you.