Valentine's Ideas That are Budget Friendly

Romance is something we all enjoy maybe some of us to a different extent. But the feeling romance leaves us with is pure euphoria. With Valentines right around the corner, don't panic about cost there are ways to be romantic and not go broke.

Always remember that the true meaning of romance is the way you leave someone feeling. Not what pricey perfume or jewelry item you bought them. There is an abundance of ways to be romantic, reignite a flame and make a romantic memory that lasts forever without going broke or sometimes without even spending a dime.

Valentine's Ideas That are Budget Friendly

Use these simple Valentine's Day Ideas to keep it within your budget and leave a lasting forever memory.

Valentines Ideas that Save Money

Top Ways to Be Romantic Without Spending Money

Things getting stale in the romance department? Money is tight as always? Then this is the post for you, me, and most of us in any relationship. Keeping the passion and romance alive and fresh does not have to cost you money...and if it does...then .... I will leave you to ponder that..

Printable lovers coupons is a great way to remind the one you love that you are indeed thinking about them. There are so many options online to pick from and so many variations. Spend the few minutes searching for the printable coupons that fit you and you other half. Here is a really sweet love coupon book.

Bubble Bath is something almost everyone enjoys or needs. It relaxes the muscles and the brain. Some essential oils or bubbles add a timeless romantic memory. Tip: Stay in there while your love enjoys the bubble bath, share a light conversation or drink. Memories are free. Anjou Bath Bombs on Amazon are a top favorite this year.

Notes on Mirror or just a love note in general. Something so small can mean so much. Having trouble coming up with notes to write? There are thousands of ideas for simple yet touching and memorable love notes on Pinterest.

Special meals are something anyone can do. You should know your partners favorite meal or dessert...take the time to make it. Make it on a day/evening that they actually have time to enjoy it and savor the moment. A picnic in the park is still very romantic. Turn a steak dinner into a memorable one.

Sweet texts - Please,..... just please send romantic texts to let your love know you care. One word nonchalant texts are mood killers. Check out for ideas. Reading the Do's and Don't of Texting a Romantic Interest is a help if your're stuck.

Free Romance Printables

Love coupons for him 
Romance Wire has some great printable coupons for him.

Love coupons for him

Romantic Cake Toppers 

These are so great for cupcakes and small treats as a small romantic surprise.

printable cake toppers

Budget Friendly Date Ideas

  • Go for a long walk
  • Staycation for the weekend with movies and popcorn
  • Cook a meal together that is new to you both
  • Bubble bath date night- Candles, bubble bath and a drink.
  • Play an adult board game
  • Check out open house's in your neighborhood 
  • Have a massage evening
  • Netflix and chill (One of my favorites)
  • Visit your local humane society and check out some animals. Maybe even walk one or two.

Romantic Dinner Ideas