8 Things You Shouldn't & Should Buy at the Dollar Store

Dollar stores can be a great place to save a ton of money on certain things. But there are some products that are less than impressive and should be left right on the shelf. I like most people love the dollar store and could go broke in there!

Don't be fooled by the attractive $1 price on everything. Some things are not worth even that $1.
8 Things You Shouldn't Buy at the Dollar Store 
8 Things You Shouldn't & Should Buy at the Dollar Store

Electronics and power cords.

Avoid the electronic isle in the Dollar stores. We have all lost a cell phone cord and thought "I will just run to the Dollar store and get one". Don't waste your time or money. These cords are so poorly made and will only work for a very short time if they work at all.


As tempting as it may be to get some makeup extremely cheap, the brands sold at the dollar store are not good for your skin nor does it last very long. You are better off sticking to cheaper but better quality brands.


You may think you are scoring a great deal on crayons, but most Dollar store crayons are made from wax and work like crap. They won't last long at all. You are safer getting your children Crayola crayons that are safe and long lasting. (Some Dollar Stores have the crayola brand)

Liquid  Dish Soap

When you see the huge bottle of dish soap for only $1 or $2 you may think you are getting a great deal. You are not. Over sized dish soap bottles at the Dollar store are very watered down and will do nothing to clean your dishes.

Remote Control Toys

As tempting as it is to do Christmas shopping or any holiday toy shopping at the Dollar store, remote control cars, trucks and really any toy with a remote control is pure garbage. The battery pack itself will fall apart within an hour of actual play. Your money is better spent on a remote control car on Amazon.ca.


Dollar store steak knives and pretty much any cutting knife, are made very flimsy and won't last long at all. They actually seem easier to get cut using than a knife that is quality made.


SPF deteriorates over time and loses its effectiveness. Dollar store products have usually sat around for a long time. Check expiry dates if you do choose to use Dollar store sunscreen on your kids. Using a name brand purchased at a larger chain store is the best choice for making sure skin is protected properly.

Ear Buds/Headphones

Ear Buds and headphones at the dollar store is a total waste of your money. They always sound absolutely awful and won't last more than a week. You can get a good pair for under $15 that will last.

9 Things You Should Buy at the Dollar Store


Name Brands ONLY -Off brands are not tested by the FDA. Check expiry dates and always stick to brands that are sold in Canada at large chain stores.

Hair accessories and brushes

The Dollar store is a great place to stock up on hair ties, brushes and combs. The do the job and tend to last if you pick the right ones. Kids tend to lose brushes and hair ties like socks so spending a buck or two can save money in the long run.

Holiday decorations

Holiday decorations are a great buy at the dollar store. Keep costs down on figurines and window stickers and different ornaments.

Crafts paper and crafts/ School projects

Colored craft paper and Bristol board are great buys at the Dollar store. Printable cards for every occasion are everywhere online. Printing your own cards makes card giving totally free.

Holiday cards

Birthday cards, anniversary cards and so forth can be insanely expensive some cards even cost over $10! The Dollar store has a great variety of cards and for a $1 or $2 you can't go wrong.

Gardening pots and products

Small flower pots and gardening ornaments and tools are great from the Dollar store. Cheap yet effective. They often have q vast variety as well.

Packing Tape

Before heading to a Home Depot to spend a small fortune on packing tape, the Dollar store has tons of different tapes and they all work just as well. Tape is something that is used once and gone, so don't waste money paying big prices.

Gift Bags

Gift bags for presents and wine bottles are another awesome buy at the Dollar store. Gift bags from Walmart or larger stores can run as high as $15, which is just crazy.


Books are still a great gift and the Dollar stores carry everything from chapter books to recipe cookbooks. These make great gifts and keep costs down. You would be amazed how many best sellers are actually sold at the Dollar store for $1 or $2.