List of Instant Win Contests & Giveaways Open to Canada

Love winning prizes and entering contests and sweepstakes? Me too! Not to sound too cliche but you can't win if you don't enter.

Here is a list of current instant win contests, giveaways and purchase pin sweepstakes. Updated every 3 days with the latest prizes you can win.

All instant win contests, giveaways and sweepstakes in this list are open to Canadian's addresses,and have been vigorously checked for validity.

Instant Win Contests for Canada

Instant Win Contests

Contests Giveaways & Sweepstakes

5 Tips For Being an Instant Winner More Often

1.  Read all rules and regulations of the contest. Some rules and regulations may tell you on what days and times prizes are likely to be awarded. Not always but I have come across many that share this info in the small print of their contest rules.

2.  Pop Up Blockers can lead to a missed prize. Some contests have an instant winner box pop up when you have won a prize. If it gets blocked you can go to your settings and unblock it, BUT the system that the contest holder is having my not allow that form to be refreshed. Only takes one second to disable your pop up blockers before entering an instant win contest.

3.  Time of day matters. High peak times of people online where the contest is getting swamped with people trying to win a prize is most likely the time that the contest settings have been set to not go off. Most of my instant wins have happened from 2 am - 5 am. Middle of the night when many aren't online is the best time. If it's a daily entry contest enter at different times each day. Don't enter at the same time every day.

4.  Browsers have proven to be a trick too. Some instant win contests simply perform better on different browsers. Sometimes the rules and regulations will state that, but often times they won't.

5.  Pin Codes can yield some amazing high value prizes and are usually found on the product packaging of the brand holding the contest. You enter your pin and see if you are an instant winner. For serious contesters buying minimum two of the product to have the entries is common. And for a contest that is running for awhile you could find yourself with a few pin codes. 

TIP: Do not enter them all in one session. If your first pin entered is not a winner, come back later in a few hours or even the next day. Don't waste your pins after your first lose.

Good luck in every contest you enter!