Tips For Saving Money at Walmart

Tips For Saving Money at Walmart

Walmart seems to be the go to spot for shopping needs and even though they are not always the cheapest place to shop there are some great ways to save money when you do shop at Walmart. You can check the 1000's of rollback prices that are updated constantly to get started.

Walmart is one of the best places to do a large coupon shop especially if your local Walmart pays overages. If you have the time to sit and plan your shop price matching at Walmart is a great way to save gas and time and get some great deals all in one spot.

Before shopping at Walmart grab your Walmart coupons.

Get the Difference Back

This is one way to save money shopping at Walmart that most people aren't aware of and it can add up to some great savings. Keep your receipts for everything you buy at Walmart, because if something you bought pops up cheaper at another Walmart store or the original Walmart you bought it at, they will give you the difference back. These happens a lot, so keep an eye on prices on things you have bought. 30 days is the limit to get the difference back on a product.

Online Clearance Items

Check the Walmart online clearance products often. I saved hundreds of dollars this past Christmas, the deals are insane but they go quick. Clothing deals for $1 are not rare to find sitting in the clearance section online.
Walmart Clearance

In Store Clearance Shelves.

In all Walmart stores in almost all sections you will find final clearance products. In the bathroom products section and beauty there is usually shelves at the ends of the aisles with really great clearance deals. Always check there first before shopping for what's on your list it very well maybe there in the clearance section.

If you have a coupon for any of the products on clearance you could score a great freebie that the flyers and ads won't be telling you about. Some of the hottest deals and free products have been found by just checking the clearance shelves.

Cash Back 

Checkout51 has many cash back offers that are store specific to Walmart and this is a great way to get cash back when shopping at Walmart. Always check the app before heading to the store. Also to see where the lowest price is then price match it at Walmart to get the most bang for your buck.

Walmart Canada's Barcode Scanner Mobile App

I hate looking for a price checker when I am in Walmart so I now use the Walmart Mobile app. You can get notifications when a product has a significant price drop and scan for prices on unmarked products.

This is a great way to not overpay for an item when you get to the register, and get the products you want at the lowest price you can.

Products You Should Probably Buy Elsewhere

There are a few products at Walmart that always seem a little higher priced than elsewhere.

Diapers - I find Walmart prices on diapers is not always the best. To get awesome prices and save an addition 5% on all your diaper purchases shopping on Amazon is the best deal to go with. You can get cash back on your diaper purchases as well if you shop on Amazon. Swagbucks & Ebates are the top paying cash back programs for Amazon purchases.

You can score some hot deals on hair care products and toiletries from time to time at Walmart, but just like with diapers you can find lower prices at other stores and on plus get cash back on those purchases.

 Tips For Saving Money at Walmart

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