Doritos Layered Casserole - Spend With Pennies Recipe

I am always looking for quick and fun meals to change up our family meals and get away from the mundane, and this meal is exactly that. This is a fun meal that is very budget friendly too. Check out Tasty Rewards for coupons for Doritos sometimes they have some great printable coupons which will make this meal even cheaper.

Spend with Pennies has an amazing recipe you have got to try and will be a hit for sure with your family! And I totally agree with Holly it is okay to have Doritos for dinner sometimes!


Doritos Layered Casserole - Spend With Pennies Recipe

This is a meal that is quick and easy to make and will feed 6 people easily. Great dish to add into family meals and you can always add your own twist to it too.

Here is another great family favorite when you are a McDonald's Big Mac loving bunch.

Treat your family to Big Mac Salad- they will thank you for it! This is a great fast meal that can be served cold or warm. You can add your families favorite ingredients and make the recipe your own.