Loblaw Gift Card Update

I am sure you are probably sick of hearing about the bread overcharge &  Loblaw gift card but if you haven't received your card yet or signed up, this post is for you.

Loblaw Gift Card Update

Here is what has happened so far:

In January Loblaw opened up the registration for the $25 gift card - Which sent many people into a frenzy. Watching some of the comments on social media posts was quite entertaining. People complaining, people demanding the cards go to the food banks, people saying it was just a scam and so on.

In February - As a blogger who shares free sample offers, hot freebies and contests to win prizes, I see all too often people complaining their freebie hasn't arrived and the Loblaw gift card was no different. Some people did start getting theirs towards the end of February which was nice to see.

In March - Loblaw emails and asks only certain people for ID - they gave two options a drivers licence or utility bill to get your card. This was so they could verify you were a real person who was eligible for the gift card. As you can imagine scammers would have been all over this offer to claim as many cards as they could. This was Loblaw's way of protecting the offer from scammers.

In March - Canada's privacy commissioner starts an investigation into why ID has been asked for by Loblaw and if it was legal to do so. See news article here

If you signed up for your Loblaw $25 gift card and it hasn't arrived in the mail yet, make sure to check your emails, and look through your junk email too for an email asking for your ID. They are probably waiting to hear back from you before sending out your card.

If you have yet to sign up you have until May 8, 2018 to fill out the registration to get your free $25 Loblaw gift card as a sorry for over charging on bread products.

We would love to hear what your experience has been, leave us a comment telling us, did you get your card? Did you have to send in ID? Have you even signed up?