WIN Cash Prizes With SWAG IQ - The How To's

You all know just how much I love Swagbucks as a way to make some side cash right from home. It makes all my family's laundry detergent and toilet paper free every month and it has gotten better if that was even possible.

WIN Cash Prizes With SWAG IQ - The How To's

Now you can download the Swag IQ app and win cash prizes for answering 10 trivia questions! The BEST part about Swag IQ is that even if you don't make it through all 10 questions as a grand prize winner you get to keep the SB'S (digital dollars) and redeem them for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards and tons more.

If you want free gift cards and cash but don't want to do the surveys and other activities this is a great way to earn tons of SB'S.

Swag IQ Cash Prizes

Swag IQ is totally free and will never cost you a cent. Once you download the app you will get a notification from your app giving you a heads up that Swag IQ is starting. If you can answer 10 trivia questions correctly you could win that days cash prize! If you get one answer wrong but still want a chance at the grand prize, you can buy back in using SB'S  which is a feature I love!

A Few thoughts from people who have tried Swag IQ

David M. - Similar to other live trivia games with exception that you can still earn money after disqualification which is neat.

Tatum B. - So fun!! Awesome way to earn sb. I love how interactive and live it is

Levi I - Great trivia challenge!! Love the fact you can live chat.