10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Hydro Costs

Hydro, air conditioning, gas, BBQ's,  get-togethers, minimum wage raise....all costs that are rising on us.If you are losing sleep at night over it, trust me you are not the only one!

Even though daily costs and household bills are on the rise, there are numerous creative ways to save yourself some extra money and keep costs down.

Hydro is the topic of conversation for many because rates just rise and rise making it painful to even look at the bills! Knowing the peak times for hydro costs and when you should be using things like the dishwasher, laundry machines and cooking a 6-hour long roast can really help you keep costs down.

10 Tips to Save You Money on Power

#1 Use Your Windows the Right Way

As it cools off at night, turn off your air conditioner and open the windows. First thing in the morning close the windows trapping the cooler air indoors and close the curtains to keep the heat out. Knowing how natural ventilation works can show you how to save on power.

Thermal-Curtains -Save You Money on Power
Thermal Curtains will save you money.

Using thermal insulated blackout curtains can save you money by allowing you to not run the AC constantly and keeping the cool air in. Under $20 for a panel. I have these in my living room and one on my patio door as well. They help tremendously.

#2 Use Your Ceiling Fan Properly

Many people don't even realize that the setting on their fan could be making their room hotter or cooler.  The thing to remember is that fans cool down people, not the actual room. If no one is in a room turn the ceiling fan off to save power.

In the summer your ceiling fan should be running counter clockwise.

In the winter it should be running clockwise.
#3 Light Bulbs & Lights

During the summer months limit your usage of lamps and lights. They let off heat and really add up to money being wasted. Always turn the lights off as you exit a room and using energy efficient bulbs will save you money on your power bills.


I use Sylvania 40w energy efficient bulbs I love them because they seem to last forever! In my living room ceiling light, I have had the same 3 bulbs going on 2 years now.

#4 Cooking Times & Choices

Running the oven for hours on end can really heighten your power bill and there is no need when there are alternatives especially in the spring and summer months.

Choosing meals with less cook times, or using an Instant Pot  which is all the rage right now, cuts down costs and heat within your home.

Start making meals that don't require the oven at all to save on power. Here are 7 meals that don't need an oven. Our version of Big Mac Salad is another great quick meal that is sure to please.

#5 Laundry Times & Tips

Laundry can be a big consumption on the power bill but there are a few ways to cut those costs quite dramatically. 

  • Always run full loads. Half loads and smaller and simply a waste of your money.
  • Do laundry in cold water
  • Hang laundry to dry - even in an apartment, you can hang laundry. Try one of these indoor drying racks.
  • Throw a dry towel in with your dryer load. This reduces drying time dramatically.
  • Know your provinces peak times by visiting their website.
There are even ways to save money when doing laundry at the laundry mat.

#6 Unused Electronics 

Almost 15% of your power bill can be attributed to electronics running on standby power. If you aren't using it unplug it. If the Xbox isn't being played there is no reason it needs to be kept plugged in. Desktop computers are a huge power sucker when running in standby.

If you are not currently recording on the PVR then the PVR doesn't need to be plugged in wasting your money.
#7 Close Doors & Vents

If your family is all hanging out in a specific area of the house or the guest bathroom isn't going to be being used in the next hour close those doors. There is no reason to be cooling or heating those rooms while not in use. 

Always shut doors and vents to rooms currently not in use.

#8 Avoid Using the AC Using These Ideas

Try one of the many creative tutorials on making your own AC  to save money.

Survive the summer heat without running the AC power suckers with these 14 simple hacks.

Indoor house plants not only bring mother nature indoors it also keeps a room -20 degrees cooler! They clean the air they bring peace and tranquility and who knew they can save you money on your power. Start filling your home with gorgeous house plants to avoid using the AC.

#9 Turn Down the Water Heater

Turning down the water heater temperature can make a huge difference in your power usage.It's safer to have them set slightly lower anyways to avoid burns.

Most water heaters are set at 140 degrees setting it down to 130-125 is wise to save some money on that power bill.

#10 Spoil Yourself

Replacing your shower head can make a difference in your power bill. Using the most efficient one can at least make it worth having a slightly longer shower without putting the bills up like crazy. The one pictured to the left can be bought at Home Depot here.