7 Legit Websites You Can Make Extra Cash With in Canada

I get tons of messages asking for a complete list of survey programs open to Canadians that you can actually make some extra money with. So I have compiled only the best and paying survey websites for you!

Usually, I share great survey programs individually after trying them for a few months and doing at least 2 cash outs so I can share only the best of the best with you, but this is the master list of awesome survey websites you can make money with.

7 Legit Websites You Can Make Extra Money With  in Canada

You won't make thousands doing surveys but an extra $100-$250 a month is possible if you become a member of more than one survey program and actually do the surveys regularly.

Every little bit of money coming in helps right? Once you regularly respond to survey emails and complete them, more surveys roll in faster. It's a great way to make some extra money from your tablet while relaxing and watching TV.

Master List of Actual Paying Survey Programs

Shoppers Voice - This is a one time only survey that will spoil you in return with free samples, coupons for free products and more all year. You can even will some HUGE cash prizes for completing it. Takes about 5 minutes.

What About Those Customer Satisfaction Surveys On Your Receipts?

Almost every time you get a receipt it has a survey the company wants you to fill out online. Do you do them? Did you know that the odds of winning cash prizes are fairly high because most people discard the receipt? Find out if receipt surveys are worth it.