Arm & Hammer Deal in Ontario - Stock Up Price

Arm & Hammer Deal in Ontario

Laundry detergent is one thing you should stock up on when prices are super low and you have a great coupon.

Arm & Hammer deal at Zehrs in Ontario, and if you watch the flyers this deal seams to be making the rounds in a few stores each week.


Arm & Hammer laundry detergent is on sale for $2 when you combine this deal with a coupon it becomes a stock up price.

At Zehrs at the coupon board near the entrance doors there was Arm & Hammer coupons for $1 off and $1.50 off any size Arm & Hammer. Making a bottle of Arm & Hammer only $0.50.

There is also a printable coupon for $0.75 off any bottle which would make a bottle only $1.25.

Arm & Hammer Tear Pad Coupons found at Zehrs