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Food prices are just getting stupid, am I right? Coupons are the best way to keep costs down and save money on your weekly or monthly grocery bills.

Coupons are money and using them is the best way to save at the till. You don't need to be an extreme couponer or a crazy coupon lady to save a ton of money each year on your groceries. Do a little research and find a coupon blogger or coupon Facebook page that is local to you and your grocery shopping area to amp up savings even more. A local coupon/deal site will have tips on clearance products and unadvertised deals you may not know about.

Grocery Shopping Tips-

Current Food/Grocery Coupons For You

Save $1 on  Honey Mustard
Save $1 on Olymel Bacon
Save $4 on Prenatal Vitamins 
Save $2 on Robitussin 
Save $1 on Allen Juice (Provinces may vary)
Save $2 on Weetabix 

Walmart Coupons for Food - Tim Horton's Tea, Jiff Peanut Butter, Folger's K-Cups, Burnbrae Egg Bakes, Lynch Sauces

Coupon Portals

Coupon portals are links that will sometimes have a coupon and sometimes there won't be one. Check these links weekly to see when a new coupon is added. These coupons generally have a quantity limit so print them when you see them before they are gone.