How to Optimize Your PC Optimum Points Balance

The PC Optimum program has been up and running for a few months now and people are asking how to get more PC Optimum points for less money spent. There are a few tips that can increase your points balance faster.

Many people were concerned when the new PC Optimum program launched about missing points and other small issues and about earning points under the new system. I personally have found it much easier to earn points now and even faster than before.

How to Get More PC Optimum Points for Your Buck
How to Optimize Your PC Optimum Points Balance

Separate Cards for Partners- This is the greatest way to get to most points for your family. Each person will get different  offers which increases your earning of points. Shopping according to the points offer that week. One card may offer more points than the other so that will be the one you use.

You also get double points during bonus offers and promotional offers if both partners are getting the bonus. At the sole discretion of PCSI, you may be permitted to transfer your PC Optimum points to another Program member. So if you have 2 family members collecting points you can contact PC Optimum and ask that the points be merged. Remember it's up to them so be nice when you ask.

PC Optimum Points Offer-EverythingSavings.caShop at Shoppers when you can. Everything you purchase earns you 15 points per dollar. Pay attention to Shoppers Drug Mart offers in the PC Optimum App and in your emails for large bonus points offers. Don't just rely on the app though, when you are in Shopper's watch for bonus offers right on the product displays. Many products of 10x the points or bonus points per purchase.

Know when to show your card and not show your card -  A way to get offers for points on products you actually buy and buy a lot, make sure to show your card every time you purchase it. If there is a product you are buying but don't want offers for it because you know it's a one time thing, don't show your card. 

Show your card even if you won't be earning points for your purchases. The algorithm learns what you buy over time and gears your offers to those products.

Email Offers - Email offers for bonus points are usually the highest point value. BUT only print or load to your app if you plan on actually using it. If you load an offer you probably won't use , you will continue to get that offer when you could be getting points offers on products you actually buy.

Gas Purchases- Gas is a must if you own a car and PC Optimum has recently joined forces with ESSO so that members can earn points on their gas purchases. This is a great way to boost points by planning your gas ups to be at Esso.
You MUST use your card every time you shop. If you only use your rewards card when you are sure to receive points your offers will never be exactly what you want.
Make sure to carry your key fob rewards card on you so every time you shop you can have it scanned. Within a  few weeks you will see that the offers will start to match your shopping habits and you will start earning more and faster