Free Stuff Offered by Amazon Canada

My long time readers know I love love love With being one of Canada's top popular retailers you would assume they would offer some freebies and they do!

If you are new to this is the post for you. Before shopping on Amazon make sure you know what free stuff you can get while there.

Free Two Day Shipping On Orders Over $35
Free Stuff Offered by Amazon Canada

Or free shipping on all orders no matter how small with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime really is the way to go to get the highest savings in a year. So if you shop on Amazon at least once monthly consider getting Amazon Prime to amp up your savings and get the free shipping on all orders.

You can get a 30 day free Amazon Prime trial and try out it out. You can always cancel at the end of the 30 days and at least you got free shipping for a month.

Free Apps

Once you download the Amazon Appstore you get access to free apps right from Amazon. Check often to see if a new app has been added. Sometimes you can score a great app that would usually cost between $5-$8.

Free Products With Coupons


If you spend some time on Amazon and watch your coupons you could score a totally free product from time to time. Last month I got a free bottle of Vim cleaner that was on sale for $2.97 and there was a $3 coupon. When deals like that pop up is when I am so thankful for my Prime membership. I get a free product and free 2 day shipping. Otherwise I would be paying shipping or missing out on the free product.

Check often to see if you have been offered some new coupons in your account. Once you are at the coupon page click on the product name to be taken to it. Now you can see what your price will be after the coupon. This is how you can stumble across free products on Amazon more often than you think.

Free 6 Month Student Membership


Post secondary students get a 6 month free membership and even after that the membership is only half of the regular Amazon prime. Now that is a deal and a half.

You can try it free for the 6 months and cancel at the end if you don't wish to keep it.

Want Even More Free Stuff?

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