Grocery Shopping Hacks in 2018

You either love grocery shopping or you hate it, there is no in between it seems. Couponing is an addiction for me as my long time readers know. There is such a rush of excitement when I can walk out of the store with a cart full of products and pay less than $20. Now grocery shopping for me is actually really fun! Here are the few things I use and do to make grocery shopping enjoyable.

Contests on Grocery Products

Win Prizes and Cash with Your Receipt
This is a favorite of mine and how I have won so many hundreds of prizes. Contests on  packaging. Before heading out to do your grocery shop, do a quick search online to see what grocery store products have contests or UPC contests running. There usually is at least one promotion running at all times and prizes are usually spectacular.

In 2018 receipt contests have really started popping up, so keep all your receipts and check to see if you could be entering it somewhere to win prizes and even cash.

All grocery receipts now have the customer survey contests on them. These are worth doing, you can't win if you don't enter.

Coupons on grocery product packaging are usually high value, so make sure to watch for those too.

Freebies are commonly found on cereal product boxes, so keep your eyes peeled for those hot offers too.

Make Shopping Easier

There are a few things I decided to spoil myself with in the last year or so to make my grocery shopping a little easier on me, more fun and a little stylish too.

Grocery Shopping Bag
I am all about being frugal but I am also about making life easier and more organized too. Grocery shopping always goes smoother with a small amount of planning.

Reusable grocery bags are my thing. I am the person who will drive the extra distance to get a great deal on meat or whatever hot deal I find. The issue is keeping cold items cold for the drive and not have to rush home the second I am done.

I saw a lady in Zehrs in Barrie with a set and I that was it, I had to have one. This is the set I use is the  Reusable Grocery Bag Set with Insulated Bag for Frozen Goods/Shopping Sherpa by Zelancio, which I love! You can get your set on Amazon with free shipping. I can easily fit $250 worth of groceries in these, and they separate for super easy moving from cart to car.

A Few Less Things to Get at the Grocery Store- Subscribe and Save 
Subscribe and save

I have to say I am totally in love with Amazons subscribe and save offers. Things like toilet paper razors and certain household products I can avoid buying in store and have them shipped right to my house and save even more with the subscribe option. Which means before I am about to run out , I know that I have subscribed to get another box of toilet paper at an even lower price than in store  because I used subscribe and save.

I have found a way to get all my toilet paper and laundry soap completely free every month on Amazon. It takes about 2 months to get the ball rolling with free Amazon gift cards but once you see how easy it is you can be getting boxes monthly of free products too.

Before shopping on make sure you are all set up to get cash back on those purchases.

The highest savings with Subscribe and Save :

Diapers and baby care products, Cottonelle toilet paper - A savings of 15%
Repeat purchases of grocery products

Get Products FREE Because They Are Priced Wrong

Scanning Code of Practice- Get It FREE
Too many times I have been behind someone in line at the grocery store or department store, and I hear them say that's not the price it was marked at on the shelf. The store staff check and adjust the price...But wait...Why aren't they asking to get it FREE now that it scanned in the wrong price???

Most people are unaware that if they are shopping at a store that follows the Scanner Price Accuracy Code, that if a product rings in at the wrong price you can get that product free up to a $10 value.

I can not even count the amount of products I have got free at Walmart thanks to the scanning price accuracy code. If you download the Walmart price scanner app you can find mis-priced products quite often.

Grocery Shopping Strategically

Yes, there are good and bad times to hit the grocery store.

Go shopping at the beginning (very beginning) of that week's sale week. Shop in the evenings between 6-8 pm after eating dinner. Shop on weekends but only in the very early morning when they open their doors.

Shopping the day the sales start is the best way to make sure you get your great deals. If a product that is listed for that week's sale is not on the shelf, get a manager and ask for a rain check.

Shopping in the evenings after you have eaten dinner will stop those impulse purchases that waste your money. The traffic in the store will be slower since most people are settled at home by then.

Shopping on a weekend is great as long as it is very early morning when the doors open. It is also a great way to get the lowest prices on meat.


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