Grocery Store Deals -Best Ways to Find Them

Grocery Store Deals -Best Ways to Find Them

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Grocery store deals are everywhere all the time, but you feel like you keep missing out on hot deals in store...Saving money on groceries is easy once you implement a few tips and tricks to saving at the register.

Don't feel bad we have all been there, and missed out on a great deal on groceries that everyone else seems to get in on. There are a few things you can do proactively to make sure you find the best grocery store deals.


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Flipp is my favorite flyer hot spot to visit before I plan any grocery shop. Here is the trick to using Flipp that will help you not miss out on any hot deals.

When you search flipp, type the grocery product you want to find in the search bar. BUT...Make sure you search it in different terms. If you are looking for a bottle Coca-Cola - don't only search the term Coca-Cola, also search pop which will bring up a larger search result.

There are a few flyer apps out there but Flipp is the one that works best for my shopping needs and it matches great sales with coupons so you can score an even better deal.


This is one way of getting really great grocery store deals. Learn your grocery store. Visit it on different days and different times of day. When do they put out clearance products? What days does your grocery store put out meat deals? What day do new grocery coupons get restocked?

If you can find out the answers to those questions about your local grocery store you will find yourself some amazing grocery store deals.

Does your store use the Scanning Code of Practice? If so often you will find products you can get FREE by using it and speaking up when a grocery store product scans in at the wrong price.


Some of you have just cringed when you heard Instagram and shy away from making an account, but let's face it the hottest deals can be found there! You don't have to post pictures or even use your Instagram account, but make one to search for grocery store deals and here is why...

People love bragging!! Especially us extreme couponers! What you want to do is search hashtags. Hashtags are your key to great grocery store deals, because you can narrow it to your city, your town and find deals at stores near you that may not be listed in a flyer or posted online.

In the search bar you can type terms like #extremecouponing #Ontariodeals #Grocerydeals #Groceryshopping and I could go on forever with suggestions. Following a few couponers in your local city can really boost your grocery store savings.

TIP: You do NOT have to have an active hooked up cell phone to have an Instagram account. As long as you can have WIFI of it you can make your free Instagram account.