How To Make Your Smelly House Smell More Spa Like

How To Make Your Smelly House Smell More Spa Like

You notice it right away when you walk into someones home and it smells inviting and fresh. Just a whiff of a certain scent makes you feel calm and at peace.

I have very high anxiety like most people, and and having my home smell like a spa really releases my tension and anxiety.

It was suggested to me when my anxiety hit an all time high that making my home smell spa like could really help and it did, but believe me when I say I tried many scents before I found the perfect way to have my home smelling like an oasis of relaxation.

Make Your House Smell Spa Like

I got a gift from a friend who kept insisting if I focused on making my home smell more spa like that my anxiety would lessen and I would feel calm and well just plain amazing. She was totally right by the way.

The most amazing VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

This gem not only made my home smell more spa like, it helped my breathing at night with certain scents! Score for me, I breathe horrible at night.
VicTsing-Essential-Oil-Diffuser- Review

After 2 weeks of enjoying the scents that would just fill my home I got online to find one for a couple friends I knew could use this.  Keep in mind these aren't cheap. I wasted tons of money at Dollar Stores and at Walmart on things that never quite made my home smell like a spa so for me this is worth every cent spent. 

You can grab yours on Amazon and read the amazing reviews from people sharing how much it helped their breathing and made their stinky homes smell spa like.

I was so excited to finally have an Oil diffuser that actually made my home smell spa like, but the help it gave me at night for my breathing was just as amazing. This diffuser lets off a cool mist and when you use the right scent it really helps with breathing while sleeping,

Best Scents to Make Your Home Smell Spa Like

Relaxation & Calming 

I tried a few different scents to get the spa like smelling home I wanted and apparently needed for my anxiety and these are my top picks for achieving that prefect calming spa like smelling home.

  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Sweet Orange

When I went to buy myself some oils I splurged a bit and grabbed myself a therapeutic kit of oils to try a few. 

The essential oil scents that help me tremendously with sleeping and breathing are the Lavender and Eucalyptus

Spa Like Scents 

There are some scents that just make you feel like you walked into a high end Spa about to be pampered and taken into pure relaxation which is what the goal is after all.
Canadian Essential Oils-

I have tried so many wonderful scents in the last few months and I am now sticking with my favorite which is Canadian too! The set that makes my house smell like a spa is the Blackstone 100% Pure Canadian Essential Oils - which has  Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Sweet Orange. 

How to Make Your Stinky Bathroom Smell Fresh 
Make Your Bathroom Smell Like a Spa

When it comes to keeping a bathroom smelling fresh and clean and like you have walked into a spa bathroom, it can be hard. Being a mom of 3 boys made me a pro at keeping the boy stink at bay and keeping the bathrooms fresh smelling.

Lemon is one of my favorites now and blending it with a little White Fir will make your bathroom smell spa like and cover scents you don't want.

Leaving a bottle  of V.I.Poo in the bathroom is a great way to cover certain smells you for sure don't want escaping the bathroom. I have tried all the scents and by far the Air Wick V.I.Poo Lemon is the best one.


Plants - Bring mother nature indoors to add the fresh scent of plants and flowers indoors. eucalyptus is one scent that will add a calming and fresh smell throughout your home.

Dryer sheets placed over your floor vents can add a fresh scent for those pop in visits from your mother-in-law. I find the Bounce Dryer Sheets work best and last the longest. Throw one in your sock drawers and closets to keep them smelling fresh.

Simmer some lemon or lime slices or mint to fill your home with the freshest scent you could want. Simmer on low. 

Make scented cleaning vinegar - One Good Thing has a great recipe for making your own scented cleaning vinegar