Is Printing Coupons Worth It?

Things have changed in the last couple of years for couponers and extreme couponers. Mail coupons used to be offered everywhere and now brands are turning to saving money themselves by offering printable coupons instead.

I was once the couponer that would shy away from printing coupons, why would I when I could get them mailed? But now to save to most money on shopping printing coupons is where my highest savings is. Printable coupons tend to have a higher value.

Before you start printing coupons- read why you shouldn't print coupons on freebie websites.

Is Printing Coupons Worth It?

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I get emails all the time asking me is it worth it for me to print coupons? The answer is so simple.

Yes! If you want to maximize the money you save on food and household products then printing coupons is the only way to save the most money possible.

The days of tons of coupons being mailed to your home are over, and print coupons are where the savings are at.

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4 Things About Print Coupons

#1 Using a printer that has the best priced replacement ink is the best way to go. I use the Canon PIXMA  MX492 which I absolutely love. When entering contests most will send you paper work to sign and fill out and then scan back to claim your prize. This printer is perfect for my coupon printing and contest entering.  It sells on Amazon for under $40 which is most definitely not what I paid in store 2 years ago. (Sigh)

Coupon Printer on Amazon

The best part about this printer is that you can print from your iPad, cell phone and computer. Super simple to use. One ink cartridge that costs about $19 will last me about 4-6 months of printing coupons.

Buying no-name ink keeps the cost down and putting the settings to only black, making sure coupons don't print in full color saves money on ink.

#2. Print What You Need. When I first started extreme couponing years ago I was so excited to print coupons I over printed. Lesson learned! Print only coupons you plan on using within the next few weeks from date of printing. Most printable coupons expire fairly quickly and it end up not used before they expire.

Only print coupons for products you family actually buys and enjoys to save on ink.

#3 Coupon Fraud- Beware of the laws around coupons.

Never I repeat never photocopy a coupon. This is coupon fraud. Only print coupons from sources you completely trust like Smartsource, Walmart, and GoCoupons.

Never Coupon modify.
Changing a coupon expire date or value using applications online that do this. Yes, sadly those exist. Online you can learn just about anything and people do this every day.

Using more than one per purchase. Certain coupons including all free product coupons state this is only 1 allowed per customer. That means you can only use 1 free product coupon with that complete order.

Example: You have 2 free product coupons for Whiskas cat food. The coupon states one per customer. While checking out you can only use 1 coupon to get one Whiskas free. You can not use the second or it's coupon fraud. You may complete that order and come back to get your second free product, but not at the same time as purchasing the first.

How people get extra coupons when there is a print limit

#4 Most printable coupons have a limit that you can print. Some are 1 coupon some 2 and some rare coupons let you print as many as you want.

There are ways extreme couponers get around this print limit so they can stock up or get free products with a high value coupon.

Print from different sources

  • Coupons are often offered more than one place online. Much like Walmart and often have the same coupons. You can print from bot sources to get more coupons.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to print a copy of the coupon for you.
  • Use multiple computers and browsers. Each computer has it's own unique IP address. When there is a limit on printing you can sign in on another browser or computer to print the coupon again.