Protect Your PC Optimum Points From Being Stolen

TIP: Liking and sharing any post offering PC Optimum points is FAKE. You will never win, or get free PC Optimum points for liking or sharing any post on Facebook. Be smart and report these posts to Facebook as SPAM or FAKE NEWS.

It's been a few months since the new PC Optimum program began and aside from the few glitches on the first day and some points being lost in the transfer over it has been amazing.

Earning PC Optimum points is much easier in the new rewards structure, but what if your earned rewards were stolen? Can you imagine signing into your account to see your PC Optimum points balance at zero!?

This is a situation some people have found themselves in, and you don't want to be there trust me. Here are 3 tips to keep your PC Optimum points safe and sound.

Protect Your PC Optimum Points From Being Stolen

How to Protect Your PC Optimum Points

Make a PC ID

This is a specific id that is used across all the places you can earn PC Optimum points. This one PC ID will sign you into Shopper's Drug Mart, Loblaws and PC Optimum and anywhere you can shop and earn PC Optimum points.
Stores that your PC ID will gain you access to.

Make this PC ID with an extra strong password, and do not use passwords that you use for your Facebook account or banking accounts. Use an odd combination of numbers in with your password to make it extra difficult to hack.

Sign in to Monitor PC Optimum Points Balance

I personally use my PC Optimum card weekly and when I shop grocery shop online at Loblaws so I am always in my PC Optimum account and can see where my points are at.

Being on top of your account is the best way to spot discrepancies fast and get in touch with customer service.

Avoid Scam Emails Offering Points

Don't click on ads within emails offering you PC Optimum points. Instead go right to the source. Check your app to see if there are bonus PC Optimum offers for you instead of clicking links within emails that could lead to your PC Optimum account being hacked.

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