Road Trip Tips to Keep It Cheap

Spring summer and fall are the best time for family or friends road trips. Whether a few hour trip or an across province road trip there are ways to do it without breaking the bank wasting money or losing your mind which is most important! (lol)

Road trips with the kiddos is a game of chance unless you plan ahead and bring a few life-saving things!

Road Trip Tips to Keep It Cheap

Saving on Gas at the Pump

Rising gas prices don't have to be a party pooper for your road trips. Doing just a few things differently can really lower the cost of gas no matter how short or long the road trip.

  • Don't overfill your car. Remove unnecessary things and try and keep your load as light as possible.
  • Check the air in the tires and make sure pressure is where it should be on each tire.
  • Check which is in Canada and US and find the lowest price around you.
  • If you have your roof storage or bike racks attached to the car that won't be being used, remove them. Wind resistance equals more gas.
  • Download 1 of the thousands of GPS programs to your cell that gauges traffic and avoids bad traffic areas.
  • Use points cards where ever you stop for gas. PC Plus points equal free groceries for buying gas. Get money back on gas purchases to lower the cost even more.


Bring Your Own Snacks

Stopping and buying food from road side stops can get very costly very quickly.

Fruits are a great snack and refreshing without over drinking and causing more stops. Make sure which ever fruit you pack to take that it's not the juiciest of fruits.

Peel cut and dice everything before packing it up. There is nothing worse than peeling fruit and diced fruit in a moving car. Save your sanity and prepare.

Muffins homemade preferably to keep costs as low as possible, but store bought works too.

Avoid salty snacks like chips and crackers they lead to more than just a messy car they make you thirsty. More thirst means more drinking which leads to more pee breaks along the way. Breaks at gas stations to use the restrooms can lead to spending money you don't need to.


Drinks for Road Trips
You want to avoid sugary drinks and actually even water bottles if you are going for long road trips. If your road trip is going to be fairly short then water bottles are great.

The best drink for road trips is smoothies! They are thick and filling, healthier than the Big Gulp at the corner stores and they won't make you have to do the pee-pee dance as often as water and pop beverages.

Here is a delicious blueberry smoothie recipe for you to try.

Must have's for any road trip

  • Wet wipes for messes and sticky hands or spills.
  • Plastic cutlery spoons and knives
  • Drink Tumblers for each person. You get more for your money if you get a hot/cold tumbler. Great for morning coffee and mid-afternoon smoothie!

Tide to Go Pen - Great for saving clothing that you can't wash right away from being ruined. Spills happen when doing road trips more often than not.

Make some extra money on your road trip
Road Trip Pics
If you are anything like me on road trips I am picture snap happy! I take pictures of everything and when I am back home get rid of the ones I don't like.

It's amazing how many gorgeous shots you can take of nature on a road trip. These photos can make you some sweet extra money!

On a website called Foap you can sell your pictures for $10 each. You get paid via PayPal. I have a few girlfriends who make some pretty nice side money from the wacky and unique pictures they put up for sale.

A great way to finance a road trip for your family is by having a yard sale! De-clutter and make some gas money! You could get a totally free road trip out of it! Here is a complete guide to having an effective money making yard sale.

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