Big News For Canadian Swagbucks Members

For Swagbucks members this news is going to make you super happy! If you are asking yourself what the heck is Swagbucks, it's the program I use to get free toilet paper, laundry soap and almost any household products I need totally free.

Big News For Canadian Swagbucks Members

One way people earn extra cash on Swagbucks is with the daily surveys.Well those surveys just got better and even easier to earn Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash and more.

Instant Surveys have been available for members only in the UK until now! Now Canadians will be offered Instant Surveys on their Swagbucks home page.

If you are not yet a member of Swagbucks new members get a bonus of 500 SB ($5) by signing up in June. Sign Up Today

What is an Instant Survey?

Intstant Survey's are short and quick and everyone qualifies! You can earn anywhere from 4 SB to over 100 SB. (SB is the digital dollar you earn that is then converted into cold hard cash.)

The spots are limited so check your Swagbucks homepage often. Once the quota is filled of survey takers you could be out of luck! This is just another great way Swagbucks helps it's members earn easily online.