How to Make Extra Cash Buying & Selling from Thrift Stores

Saving up for a summer trip, or weekend away is actually very easy and the money doesn't have to come from your family budget. Thrift store shopping and then flipping is a great way to get some cash fast into your piggy bank for whatever you are needing cash for or a goal you are trying to achieve.

If you know what to look for and where you can then sell those things you are already on the way to making yourself some extra cash. Making $100 a week selling thrift finds is actually too easy. Many people make a monthly stream of income buying and selling used goods and you can too.

Making some extra cash at home is much easier than you think, especially with Facebook's Marketplace at your fingertips, and other online free venues to start making cash.

How to Make Extra Cash Buying & Selling from Thrift Stores

Thrift stores offer a great chance for you to turn your second hand store shopping hobby into some actually cash in your pocket and into a stream of income. Yard sales are a great way to find some great deals and make some big money on your finds. Knowing what to look for and what sells is very important and we have some priceless tips for you.

Sandra G from Barrie " I got 2 very large artificial trees for free and was able to sell them for $75 in less than a half hour using Facebook Marketplace. What a rush to make cash that I needed so bad on something I really didn't need.
Best Items to Make Cash on

  • Artificial trees and plants
  • Kitchen small appliances
  • Sports equipment (any kind)
  • Books
  • Kids toys
  • Electronics - Bluetooth speakers does exceptionally well
  • Odd one of a kind things
  • Beer related products
  • Flower potters and garden decorations
  • Video game consoles and accessories
  • Clothing with tags still on
  • Brand name jeans
  • Brand name purses
  • College Text Books

Tips on Buying & Selling with Thrift Finds

Lisa M of Toronto " I went through my apartment and listed a few things like a portable cooler for the car, a coffee maker I no longer used, 2 video games and a few kitchen gadgets and make over $220 in 2 days! Who knew it was this easy! Now I am starting to grab second hand store finds and making $200 a week sitting on my butt at home!

When I started selling online I never realized how much a picture means to how quickly you will see something for. Make sure to take clear pictures of your thrift finds before posting them.

Do your research before listing it online to see what other people are selling that item for.

Clean up things you plan on selling. Put the time and effort into cleaning up and freshening up the item you are going to be making cash on. It pays off trust me.

Be realistic. If you buy an item for $10 don't price it for $50. Look at doubling your money at most. This way you sell things fast and are always making money and people will be snapping up your thrift finds.

Avoid stores like Value Village and Salvation Army stores for thrift finds to make yourself some cash. The items there are all so over priced its outrageous so it's just not worth your time and effort.

Visit out of the way thrift stores and second hand stores for the best finds and deals to flip so you actually make cash.

Keep your money from selling your finds separate from your everyday cash in your wallet.

Tips for Being Safe Online When Selling Your Finds

  • Pick a spot close to home that is public to meet people picking up thrift finds from you.
  • Be firm and clear in your ad about what you want for it and how the transaction is to go.
  • When selling on Facebook Marketplace it's safer to use the inbox rather than giving out your cell #
  • Be honest and fair with your buyers.
  • Add a disclaimer of no holds to your add, so you don't waste time on people that don't show up.