L'Oreal Dream Lengths Mission Box Arrives

Are you a member yet of Topbox Circle? If not it is definitely work checking out. It's totally free and you can get mission boxes of products to test out at home, then share your reviews online. A box like this is so much fun to get and saves money too! Less hair care products this month I have to put money out on. Now to the best part the contents of the L'Oreal Dream Lengths mission box.

L'Oreal Dream Lengths Mission Box Arrives

In the L'Oreal Dream Lengths mission box s 4 products all full size products.

Dream Lengths Shampoo
Dream Lengths Conditioner
Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream
Dream Lengths Mask

Having long hair means battling split ends which I hate so I am super excited to try all these out. When the parcel arrived I had just gotten out of the shower so I right away used some of the NO Hair Cut Cream. Its formula is enriched with  Keratin, Castor Oil and Vitamins.. It reduces the appearance of split ends and helps the ends not break when you are brushing your hair.

Boxes like these with free products are great treats to get in the mail. If you are not yet a member of Topbox Circle check it out you could get the next box.