FREE Stuff Canadians Can Get - Mail Freebies Plus More!

Looking for free stuff that actually arrives, is actually legitimate, that doesn't come with spam and phone calls and hidden fees? Of coarse you are! As prices go up on absolutely everything, getting something for free is exhilarating, rewarding and so much fun!

There are only a handful of bloggers like myself that take the time and extra care to make sure all free stuff offers are legitimate, safe and worthy of your time! That is a small handful! Down at the bottom of this post will be the very short list of the ONLY free stuff bloggers you should trust and follow.

We share a the majority of our mail calls showing all the free things you can get right here in Canada. We are going to start posting each and everyone. Its enough work keeping up with all the great offers we share with you, but you are worth the extra effort so all our mail calls with something free will now be shared right here for you to see!

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Okay let's get to the fun stuff all the stuff you can get FREE if you live in Canada & have a mailbox!


Free Websites and blogs for Canadians
Having your own blog to sell your crafts, or share family moments with family far away, or to start blogging about a certain topic that could start making you some cash , is totally free with the following places.
There are hundreds of ways to make money with a free blog or website. Having a blog also opens you up to free products that may not be available to everyone.

Free Credit Report for Canadians. 
Get You FREE Credit Report in Canada
Getting your credit report no longer hurts you credit. Be smart and see what is on yours and make sure there is something on it that shouldn't be. Completely free & safe.Super easy to use, just fill out your information and get your credit report. You will also get email updates when your credit report changes at all.Every Canadian should know where there credit stands even if you have bad credit.

Canada's National Parks Admission 
During 2018 you can get free access to Canada's National Parks. See full details here.


Having a baby can be so damn expensive but samples free products and coupons can make it a whole lot easier on the bank account! Thankfully many companies and brands understand that too and give out tons of freebies to expecting mom's and babies.

You can get free diapers , bottles, free baby product samples, high value baby product coupons & so much more with these 9 baby programs for mom's in Canada. Easily over $500 worth of free stuff for new mom's.

free food and coupons.

We all love food, but most of us are not loving the rising cost. It almost makes going out as a family to eat not worth it...Unless you know where you can go to eat cheap and get free food, or even coupons for free food.

Always check your local restaurants to see which offer freebies deals and coupons for food.

Here are some Canadian restaurants that offer free food and coupons.
You will be amazed when you see what you can actually get free! We have got everything from coffee makers, Soda Streams, Make-up, vacuums, thousands of dollars worth of free food, household cleaning products, yard products and more!

 Free Stuff  for Canadians

New freebies and random free products pop up all the time. We find them for you and feature them right here on to help you save money and get free stuff! Following us on Facebook is one of the best ways to never miss out on a hot freebie.

Here are 18 free things you can order right to your mailbox.
Ultimate List of Free Stuff for Canadians


Free beauty products are easier to get your hands on then you may think. Tons of brands are dying for you to try their newest and latest product and are willing to give it to you totally free no gimmicks, no cost ever in exchange for your honest thoughts.

There are many product testing opportunities for Canadians but very few make the cut with our high standards. You want a real chance at actual beauty products mailed to you right? So avoid many and stick with the ones that actually send you free products to try.

#1 Topbox Circle
Free beauty products

This is by far the #1 place to be if you like beauty products and want to try them free and then share your thoughts, likes and dislikes about the products you try.

Topbox Circle often as free sample size products available but they are super time sensitive and we only share those hot free sample offers on our Facebook page. Make sure to like us so you don't miss out on any free samples.

Read more about Topbox Circle .

#2 Influenster 

This is a second favorite and a very popular way to try all kinds of different products at home with Vox Boxes.

You get free Vox Boxes of products in the mail to try out then you sign into your Influenster account and do a few activities sharing your thoughts about the products you got.

Keeping your account up to date is the best way to get chosen for free products.

Check out Influenster

More and more people are starting to want their products to be all natural. If you aren't already using all natural products and foods, Social Nature is a great way to get free food, free beauty products and more. Every product they offer Canadian's to try is completely all natural.

Once you are signed up wait for the acceptance email and your package will be on it's way to your mailbox. We have tried over 20 + products with Social Nature in the last year alone.
FREE in Canada

First get yourself a $5 gift card just for downloading MobileXpression. Within 1 week of downloading it you will get a $5 gift card. You also get one every time you get enough points. All you have to do to get points is open the app every week. Seriously that's it and it works!

Getting gift cards is stupid easy! Thousands of Canadians are getting all their Amazon Canada orders totally free thanks to the free gift cards they get while online.

There are a few top ways to earn yourself free gift cards. Each one we feature here is thoroughly checked out and used ourselves to get all our toilet paper and laundry products each month for free.


Swagbucks BBB Accredited - One of the top online ways to earn gift cards, PayPal cash & more.
InstaGC So easy to earn points it's ridiculous. Redeem your points for gift cards.
Royal Draw - Enter daily gift card giveaways. For every giveaway you enter you earn points, Redeem these points for gift cards.

You will have Amazon Canada gift cards rolling in, in no time and all your orders on Amazon will be free products you get with those gift cards. Remember to get free shipping your order must be over $35.

Check out the free stuff offers.


Birthday Freebies in Canada