Best 5 Places to Get FREE Products in Canada

Best 5 Places to Get FREE Products in Canada

Yes it's true Canadians get parcels in the mail everyday with free beauty products, household products. food, coupons for free products and more! All mailed totally free right to you!

You don't need to be a blogger or an online influencer at all which is a common misconception. What you need to be is a real person with an address in Canada and have a social account or two, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and so on.

There are many websites online offering free products to Canadians to review but most are a complete waste of your time and energy. We are here to help you sign up with only the best of the best programs so that you will get free boxes of products in the mail to try.

With 10+ years of getting free products in the mail I have learned many tips on which offers to avoid and which are legitimate and full of benefits.

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Best Places to Get FREE Products in Canada

Topbox Circle - This is #1 in our books. Offers are frequent and super easy to sign up for. Using the website is also super easy and easily understood. Learn more about Topbox Circle See the free products we got in the mail from this program and thousands of other Canadians have received too.

Social Nature - Social Nature offers only all natural food products to Canadians to try free at home. The offers come as full size products or a free product coupon for you to pick up your product free at the grocery store. Super easy and wonderful program. See the latest product up for review we shared today.

PTPA - This is a social media agency in Vaughan Ontario that offers parents free products to test and try at home. There is no fee or charge for any of their offers. Sign your family up and answer all the questions in your profile so you can be matched with the latest products and offers for parents.

Brand Power- Home Tester Club -Sign in at least weekly. Review products they have on their website already. You may not get emails telling you there is a new product, you will only see it when you sign in and go to the tester area of your account. Products are anything from gardening products, beauty products, household products and food.

Glam Sense - This a very popular beauty product testing program and the boxes are simply amazing. The offers don't come around often but when they do it's spectacular. Once you sign up for Glam Sense it's a waiting game. Just wait for surveys to come to your emails, but answer them immediately. Don't wait until the next day, you will be costing yourself a chance at the next box. Glam Sense is very strict so obey the rules to continue getting picked. If you don't review your Glam Sense box they will remove you from the program.

Peek in our Canadian mailbox to see freebies that arrive for us. Getting freebies in the mail is tons of fun, easy to do and can save you money all year long!